Saturday, July 25, 2009

book goal update

When counting the books that I have read since the beginning of the year, I left out some of the more recent reads. My numbers were skewed. It's not really a big deal, but it does mean that I am currently one and a half books away from by goal.

My last post about the reading goal had all the books listed through the 18th book read. Instead of listing them all are the books read since then

  • 19. Green Angel {YA} Alice Hoffman ***** {CRC}
  • 20. Magic Strikes Ilona Andrews ******
  • 21. The Demon's Librarian Lilith Saintcrow ******
  • 22. Spiral Hunt Margaret Ronald ******
  • 23. Prey Rachel Vincent ******
  • 24. The Sweet Scent of Blood Suzanne McLeod ******
  • 25. Wizard's Daughter Catherine Coulter ****
  • 26. The Cold Kiss of Death Suzanne McLeod ******
  • 27. Amazon Ink Lori Devoti ****
  • 28. Black and White Jackie Kessler & Caitlin Kittredge ****** {CRC}

Currently reading The Bridegroom by Linda Lael Miller and Dying Bites by DD Barant.

Not finished yet to my utter shame (sort of) - (that B.A.D.D. kicked in with these books)

  • Dead and Gone - Charlaine Harris
  • Close Encounters - Katherine Allred
  • Eve of Darkness - S.J. Day
  • Any Given Doomsday - Lori Handeland
  • Red-Headed Stepchild - Jaye Wells

I should challenge my self to read these books next, but there are others I have that I want to read also....

I have 5 out of four books read and reviewed from the Colorful Reading Challenge. I need to find a book for Gold and Silver as well as pick 2 more colors for the challenge. I have until December 31st to finish the color challenge.

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