Sunday, June 7, 2009

Herbert's Wormhole

My brother came to town from LA to visit with us. He brought a book with him that was written by someone he knows. Peter Nelson wrote the book, Herbert's Wormhole; about a boy who ends up visiting the future in his hometown. I scanned the first few pages and it had a good start. What caught my eye is that although this is a novel, with a respectable amount of pages, there were also pictures interspersed throughout the book, in fact it seemed like every few pages had a descriptive picture. My 16-year-old nephew started reading the book. Within few minutes we could hear chuckling coming from his corner on the couch. We, (the rest of the family) continued visiting and talking. When I got ready to leave a half hour later my nephew was still reading the book. He was still chuckling also. The book is marketed for ages 8 - 12 yrs, but if it makes a 16 yr old chuckle and stay interested, then it must be a pretty good book. I'll get my chance to read it soon. If I like it, it will go into the school library. More information about the book can be found here .

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