Monday, May 25, 2009

Magic in the Blood review

First book, Magic to the Bone (also a ******) by Devon Monk

Magic in the Blood - written by Devon Monk. ******

Well, I finally finished this book this morning (ahem...afternoon - I slept late).

I already miss it. Next book is Undone, by Rachel Caine.

Magic in the Blood was a great read (6 *s) Allie Beckstrom learns more about Hounds then she thought she knew. She loses and gains friends. She finds out something about herself, but unfortunately because of a huge amount of magic she has to use, that she forgets to set a disbursement for, she loses those memories. If you haven't read the first book, Magic to the Bone, in Allie's world when you use magic, you have to pay a price, usually physical, or pay for a proxy (someone else to pay the price) If you don't set a disbursement, picking what you will suffer (such as a migraine, fever, or various aches) the magic will decide for you, sometimes taking memories. In the last book she had lost a large chunk of her time, forgetting her involvement with Zayvion Jones. In this book, random quick flashes of memory appear, then disappear quickly.

In the first chapter, Allie encounters her dad's ghost- except she doesn't believe in ghosts. Throughout the book, her father keeps appearing to her, freaking her out - but trying to tell her something. Later, a man that she had helped put in prison, waylays her on a bus, threatening her and stealing some of her blood. This man was supposed to be in prison for life, but he has gotten out after only a short time. This plays a huge part later in the book. He wants her to bring one of the few people she considers a friend to him. A department of the police she has never heard of before wants her to hound some kidnappings for them. Zayvion Jones comes back into her before she's not sure whether to trust him or not, she can tell he's holding back things from her and doesn't quite trust him, despite how she feels about him. He seems to be watching her, and she finds that others are watching her. She encounters something like ghosts, only these are harmful to her. Allie has to spend a lot of time feeling paranoid, and watching her back, although a few good things do happen for her.

There is a lot of action and suspense in this book. The few romance scenes were believable, with no "where did this come from?" sex scenes. I enjoyed the whole book. That says a lot, because a lot of books have moments where I'm a little bored, or frustrated. One of the best things is the last two sentenses in the book. Chills. Now, of course, I'm waiting for the third book, Magic in the Shadows, to come out in November. I wish there were more writers of Devon Monk's talent in the Urban Fantasy genre.

The following has nothing to do with the author of the book:

The only complaint I have would be the cover. The girl is way too skinny, something I've noticed happening on a few other covers. Her face and chest is way too bony, and her legs look like a little girl's legs, not like someone who walks a lot. {I'm Sorry, Ms Monk, but there's something really wrong with the body on the cover) The previous book didn't seem to have such a skinny model, though maybe it was the angle. I know though that the writers don't have control over that, it's the publishers. There was a book recently, that actually shows ribs on the cover model. How is that attractive? I wish they would stop that, If I wanted to see anorexic women, I would pick up a fashion magazine. Though I loved the artwork on the arms of the woman in the cover, I actually cringed whenever I looked at her actual body - I tried to just focus on the marks on her arms.

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