Monday, December 9, 2013

It's Monday.......and brrrrr, It's so Cold!

I live in California - the part of California that is in the beginning of Northern California.  In other words, though we're Northern California, we're spared the extreme temperatures.  We live 30 miles from the Pacific Ocean, 60ish miles from San Francisco and have our own little microclimates mixture going on within our city.  One part of the city is always warmer than another part, etc.  And while most of the country is suffering from exteme temperatures - the ice cold, the snow, the month long heatwaves, we're blessed with mostly temperate weather.  That doesn't mean we don't get hit with heat waves and cold weather. We do, they just don't usually last very long, and cold for us is usually from 40 degrees to 50ish.   AND our winter season usually contains a random week here and there of warmer weather - enough to fool some plants into flowering.  In fact, we usually have warm or comfortably cool to warm days all the way through November.  

  These past few days, however, we've been below 30 during the mornings, with it barely climbing above 35 for the day.  The nights have been a lot colder -  a lot of our plants were frost burned because neither my husband or I were well enough to cover them with sheets on our first cold night.  I'm hoping they will make a come back, but when the leaves are that weird texture and strange green color, there's not much hope.  Maybe some of the root will have survived, though.

Cold....  Brrrrrrrr!  I know we all get used to the weather we grow up in, but I don't know how anyone in the colder regions can take all that cold.

The past few weeks, though I've felt better, I've been so sleepy on Sundays that I've been forgetting to participate in It's Monday, What Are You Reading?  Though my reading hasn't picked up by much, I have been able to read.
Oh yeah - It's Monday, Hosted by Sheila of Book Journey - but then everyone probably knows this by now, right?

I have finished.....

Man Made Boy
written by Jon Skovron
a twist on the old Frankenstein tale, featuring the teen age-ish son of Frankenstien's Monster and Bride.  Lots of appearances by many monsters of legends and myths...La Llorona, The Invisible Man, Jekyll & Hyde's granddaughter....  It's an interesting novel. oh and here's a good twist - Boy is a computer tech whiz monster/kid.  I need to review it soon.

I am currently reading....

by Tony Ballantyne
London is changing in a mysterious and dangerous way....sometimes constantly and overnight (if that makes sense)  Women are losing their rights and achievements of the past hundred or so years, history is being re-written, even math is changing....  It's too complicated to explain, you need to read it.  I'm almost finished with it, and it's been quite a read.

this takes off after the Allie Beckstrom series finale, and focuses on Shame (main character) and his reluctant soul complement, Terric.  Their's is an awkward and yet longing relationship.  One is straight and such a bad boy, the other is gay and a goody-two shoes...rather, he follows rules.
And someone is hunting soul complements.....

Well, this is all I have for now.  Lots of good books sitting around my house, waiting for me to read, and me wasting time on the computer, or watching sitcoms and sleeping (in between working)...  that's my life right now.  :)


  1. haha I like the New Year resolution pic. Always amazes me that some of you in the US are getting crazy snow falls and we're hiding in aircon to escape the sweltering heat. Have a great week and happy reading :)

  2. Dream London sounds really interesting.

    I love your picture at the bottom about New Year's Resolutions. I'm starting to think about mine, both for reading and for my personal life. I think it's important to keep things in perspective though. It's not the end of the world if you have to get a bigger basket!

    1. LOL - unless you KEEP having to buy bigger "baskets". But I agree, there's a lot more to worry about. I usually stay away from insurmountable resolutions, and try to stick with an achievable goal. I've know family members who continually set themselves up by making extreme resolutions. You have to let yourself succeed at something. :)

  3. Oh, I love the part of California where you live! I once lived in SF and enjoyed it a lot, but northern parts are better, IMO. But I'm in Central California...and today our temperature is 29.

    Enjoy your reading...and thanks for visiting my blog. Dream London looks enticing.

    1. So you know what I'm talking about with the weather around here - we have it pretty good most of the time. Which leaves a lot of us unprepared to deal with extreme weather conditions - :) I always laught when the news stations around here name our "storms", or call a rainy few days a "storm watch 2013". We have nothing like other states. :)

  4. Man made Boy sounds really good! Enjoy your week :)

    1. Thanks - it was pretty good. I hope you have a good week, also

  5. I hope it doesn't get too much colder for you, though it's a good excuse to stay inside curled up on the lounge and just read :)

    Have a cheery week!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    1. curling up in bed, with blankets and a good book does sound good.... I plan to do this in the next few weeks.... (as much as I can) :)