Monday, September 23, 2013

Just another Monday,...... Wish it were a Friday....

is it just totally lame that on Sunday night I'm wishing it was Friday?  yes.  But I am - wishing it was Friday instead of Sunday night coming on Monday morning. 


My grandson.  This morning I was lazing about (okay, really it was the early afternoon), still in bed enjoying a decadent sleep in when I heard my grandson calling out "Can SOMEBODY help me write a story?"
My ears perked up and I said "I will!"
He brings in this huge piece of drawing paper, where he had written some gibberish at the top.  Two lines of gibberish.
Now, he's in Kindergarten - has just started - and while he can write his name with ease, he's just starting to be able to write anything else.  
His attempt:

We switched to him dictating and me writing for him;
ready?  here we go...

Beware! A werewolf and zombie are coming to town.  Be quiet, people.  If they hear you, the zombies will eat your brain and the werewolf will eat your meat. (meaning your body, of course) Better not be outside, because you might get aten.  (he means eaten, but said aten

If you see a shadow it might be a zombie or werewolf.  Only motorcycles can go out.


there must be something magical about motorcycles...of course, most little boys love motorcycles, so in his mind, they must be the magic, all powerful vehicle.  :)  He's been looking for scary stories in the library, and the scariest  we have are books like "there's a monster in my closet", or "there's a monster under my bed".  He's just going to have to start writing his own scary stories, and this is a good start. :)

Normally hosted by Sheila of Book Journey (*g*, she's had a very busy last few weeks), we all peek at each other's websites, seeing what others have been reading, look for new reads, etc.

I had another week of very poor reading.  I did end up concentrating on one book, though I haven't been able to finish it yet.  Lots of life crap interfering with my reading.

What I finished
a big fat nothing.

What I'm reading

Now I can participate! ;)

I am currently reading a trippy SciFi/fantasy mix 


Dust is listed as Sci Fi but easily a mix of Science Fiction and fantasy lore.  It's part of a trilogy, Jacob's Ladder.  I bought the second novel a long time ago - something I end up doing a lot when the books ARE NOT CLEARLY marked as book one or book two.  When reading an Elizabeth Bear book, it's important not to try to understand everything all at once - but to just begin reading and continue reading until you start to understand the little details....

That's it.  I've started a few - as usual, but none of them are hitting my 'keep reading' nerve.  (bet you didn't know there's a nerve that explicitly makes you want to keep reading...)

This lol cat pic was not captioned by me - but I wish I had come up with it....funny as hell, isn't it?  Reminds me of....West Side Story!  :)

Happy Reading every one!


  1. Don't you just love their imagination at that age, budding writer in the family :)
    I've got a few Elizabeth Bear books on the bookshelf, (*cough* unread) gathering lots and lots of dust lol. Glad you're enjoying Dust.

    1. Which Bear books do you have? I have enjoyed a trilogy of hers (Hammered, Scardown, and World Wired). I also have some of her fantasy novels, but I haven't felt like reading them. :)