Thursday, August 1, 2013

My July Reads, or what I FINALLY managed to finish reading in July despite myself.

Well - it is the last day of July {2013, of course} and I seriously thought I had read more books than this.  Going by my books read page, I haven't finished as many as I thought.  There is always the possibility that I've forgotten to post one or two of the books....I can be incredibly forgetful about when exactly I've read a book, which is why it's so important to me that i try to update the page as regularly as I can.  I try to do this as soon as I finish a novel, but sometimes I decide I can wait, that I'll remember and then....I forget.  Of Course. 
According to my list, I've only finished seven novels - and one of them was a novella.


Oh!  I have read some short stories though!  I do forget to list those.

anthologies that I've been reading out of (I'll just do it that way)

Home Improvement;Undead Edition edited by Charlaine Harris and Unnatural Creatures by Neil Gaiman

I rarely finish an anthology straight through (except when I'm reviewing one) - I like to savor them, reading a story here and there when I can't decide which novel to read.  Or when I prefer a quick read. 

 Below are listed the books I've finished, with links under the covers to any excerpts; the title linked to my review (if I reviewed yet); links to the author page, genre, publication date; the date I finished reading and a short description.

by Nicole Baart
published May 2013

Weaving together two stories that converge, Nicole Baart writes of relationships, obsession, possesive love, grief, death, grieving, and marriage.  This story will hit you hard - one way or another.  An excellent read. 

Croak #2
by Gina Damico
Y/A fantasy
published September 2012

The second in a series, grim reaper Lex has learned she has the ability to damn souls, as well as collect them for the afterlife.  Only this is hard - causing all kinds of danger.  Lex and friends end up being chased by a rogue reaper, Uncle Mort has been usurped and the afterlife is crumbling as well as reapers being murdered and damned themselves.  Good read, with the teen character sounding like a teen most of the time.

Sabaska's Tale
Tales of the Travelers #1
by J.A. Campbell
teen fantasy
published July 2013

This is one of my favorite reads of 2013, and definitely one of my favorite Y/A reads.  A young girl, grieving for her grandmother, spends the summer at grandma's ranch to sell the horses.  Or at least, that was the plan.  Really what happens is she's attacked, Grandma's horse (Sabaska) isn't all she appears to be, and some dimensional travel begins - they go to different worlds, out run bad guys, and eventually must confront their adversaries.  Sabaska qualifies as the coolest horse ever, and Anna is a strong teen, made even stronger by her adventure.

On Basilisk Station
Honor Harrington #1
by David Weber
published April 1993

Science Fiction, Space battles royale, space ships, some political and weaponry overload of information, but basically a fun adventurous read with a strong heroine.  Enjoyed it enough to keep reading the series.

Pretty Sacrifices
Legend of Glory #2
Devin O'Branagan
Y/A Urban Fantasy

Second in a series about a girl, her special blood, a pandemic, the aftermath, evil vs good, angels vs. demons, good vamps vs. bad vamps, life vs. depression and guilt.  Lots of spiritual content weaved into the story as important elements of the story.  It's basically a story about good overcoming evil, and how sometimes evil gets the best of some of us.  Good book.

Show Dog Sings The Blues
by Devin O'Branagan

A spoiled, pampered dog gets mixed up with her working dog sister.  How she manages to survive - it's not easy for her, but she does it.   Told in the dog's point of view, it's a fun short story about an australian shepherd.


Nightbound Duology #2
by Trent Jamieson
fantasy with steampunk elements
published August 2011

Weird monsters and hungry.....things invade, or rather take over a world, leaving only a few cities standing.  Though they won't be standing for long.  What does a four thousand year old man, an angry young woman and a drug addicted "wastrel" have in common?  They end up together trying to save the world from certain annihilation...  What a book.  Geez, intense in a totally creepy Angry Robot kind of way.  Oh yeah.

Books I've started reading in July, but haven't necessarily finished quite yet
In the interest of time - and by that I mean I'm tired and am completely sick of providing so many links to the books, I'm only going to post the covers to books I've begun reading in July.  I might come back and link up later on, but most likely not.  Once I'm done with a post, I'm usually done - except when I find a stupid spelling mistake.  ;) (wink, wink)

Most of the books are interesting.  A couple of them are a little wordy in some areas, yet interesting enough I want to finish them.  I just keep getting distracted....

Hope everyone has a sweet August.
August is bitter sweet for me, because it means I have 12 more days to be lazy, then it's back to work.
Although I look forward to seeing some of the kids, my last job of the day (a day care job) has become awkward.
Just have to make it through the day.  I'm sure I can do this....  yep.  One day at a time...

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