Friday, August 16, 2013

kindergarden and stuff....

First day of school for the new school year, or almost autumn of 2013.  It's a bittersweet day because I have to go back to work after a way too short vacation, and I knew I was going to be hurting physically - and I was right.  It was tough!  By the time I came home I could barely walk; between the shoulders, the hands, the neck and the back I was having a pretty hard time.  

However - it was also fun, because I was able to see a lot of the school kids that I've grown attached to over the years.  Working with kids is at once gratifying, soul soothing and frustrating.  And even though I make shit for money, most of the time I enjoy my work - I just think they really need to take a look at our pay scales.  I'm pretty sure if I had children I could qualify for foodstamps and medical.

The other fun part of this was seeing my grandchildren at school - one of whom is starting her first grade year, and the other who is just starting out in kindergartend, and happily has the very same teacher that my granddaughter had for kindergarten.  I am so very happy this worked out, and also that my granddaughter has a teacher who I think is the best first grade teacher in the school.

I have two grandchildren...well, two and one honorary grandchild.  My youngest grandchild has a new (ish - 8 months old now) baby brother, and mom (my son's ex) and her new man call me and my husband grandparents of their baby - which I think is very sweet and generous of them.  The daddy of the baby is very good with my grandson, and I respect him very much for that.  There's all kinds of pictures of him treating Elliott just like he's a parent, or at the very least a favorite uncle - and I know Elliott is in good hands with him.  And now that I see the baby with them, you can tell that this guy is total dad material, and treats Elliott with as much caring and love as he does his own new baby.  That's pretty cool, especially when considering that this guy is about 19 or 20 years old.  He's the youngest responsible parent figure I've ever seen.  Think about it - most 19 to 20 year old boys are more concerned with partying and having a good time than being a family guy, and this man knew when he first started dating my son's ex that she had a young son, and just took the whole package.

This post wasn't supposed to be about them, though - this post is about my grandson starting kindergarten and my granddaughter going into the first grade.

I am feeling older and older.... is such a trip watching the kids grow.  And their first day of school picture was kind of funny - there's Liliana and her long time friend who are going into first grade - and then there's my grandson (Liliana's cousin) towering over them, going into kindergarten.  In his class he is almost the tallest - there is one girl who manages to be even taller than he, and he's pretty tall.  He's taller than your average second grader.  Or at least the average second grader at our school.
Elliott is the tallest of the three, and the youngest at five years old.  The young boy next to Liliana is six yrs old, and I scribbles his face out because he's not my relative, so I didn't feel right posting his picture.  Liliana is six years old, and though she's been growing at the same rate as her cousin, he's consistently at least five inches taller than her.  She used to get angry about this, because she would yell out "I'm older, so I'm BIGGER" til she realized we were only talking about her size, not her age.  :)

I work at the school they both attend, and I'm kind of excited, because since Elliott stays weekends with daddy, and daddy lives with us, I get to keep him with me at school and bring him home with me on Friday.

Hoping he enjoys daycare (where I work) and that he has a good day.  It seemed like - for as much as I saw them, anyway - that both kids were having a pretty good first day.  Though when I asked her if she liked her new teacher my granddaughter said...
"Yes, but I don't love her like I love Ms F.  I love Ms F.  I love Ms F more than her. I love Ms F more than any teacher, I love her the MOST and I ALWAYS WILL!"

ummmm....okay babe.  Life is great when your very first teacher makes such a good impression on you....
and I'm very happy that Elliott has the same teacher that Liliana has, and I hope he loves her at least almost as much as Liliana loves her.  

Every child should come away from their kindergarten experience feeling like they had the best teacher in the world.  Liliana is already going into first grade with a good attitude toward school because she had a good start with her kindergarten teacher.  I wish all kids had a teacher like Ms. F

A special shout out to all those teachers in the world who not only teach our children and grandchildren - but make the special effort to create a loving and caring environment for their students.

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