Saturday, June 8, 2013

SheZow! - oh, the controversy, the needless controversy

I was reading this article about how a certain group of a million or so moms don't like this certain 'gender-bending' cartoon character.
First of all, I'm pretty annoyed at people who go out of their way to protest against anything that goes against their "norm", especially when it concerns rights, race, or gblt rights.

Live and Let Live - people!  Can you imagine having people protest against being heterosexual couples, marriage 0r t.v. personalities?  When I think of it like that it makes even less sense ....  I get very annoyed at this sh**.

As I'm reading this article, feeling disgust that a million or so mommies would get so bent out of shape over a cartoon character, my grand-daughter pipes up:
"oh - that's SheZOW!"
"you know about this show?" I asked her.
"yes, I saw it morning, here."
"did you like it?" I asked her.

she explained that 'she is a boy'

my granddaughter is six years old, and just finished kindergarten.  she was very simplistic about this - and explained to me that this boy turns into a girl, and then saves people.  So he's a superhero.  the first time he changed, his sister said "your ring turned you into Shezow," in an excited, happy tone. 
So, apparently there's been some protesting going on and lots of representin' etc.
transgenders are happy because there's a cartoon with a guy in a dress/female persona.
other people aren't so happy for the same reason.  except that this particular group is using children as their excuse - the poor kids are going to be confused.

a lot of people are calling it a transgender show...when actually - according to a post I read,

it's simply about a boy who takes over a superhero persona that his aunt used to use (be?) - a persona who happens to be female...

so I guess it's more middle of the road than any one expected.  which is both disappointing and humorous to me.

disappointing because it DIDN'T go where all the protesters are afraid of it going, and amused at the uproar when it's way more simple than people are gnashing their teeth about.

I haven't done any studies, and I'm no expert on human behaviour - but I've seen a lot in my life, and met many, many children.  most of them couldn't care less about issues like these, and they certainly aren't confused in any debilitating way about sexual identities of people crossdressing or feeling like the different sex...  the ones who seem upset about it are kids that have had negative teachings about these issues, or are wrestling with their own identities because they KNOW they are going to be judged by defensive, non-accepting parents or other adults.

if my own experiences are any indication - when my children or grandchildren met people who dressed  man/woman, opposite or were in a same sex relationship - the most that would come out is a simple question.  Why?  and a simple answer such as - because he loves him, or she loves her, or he feels more like a girl than a boy - etc, was met with a very simple, "Oh. Okay."

it only gets negative when people make it negative.  it doesn't have to be like that.  it can be simpler and more accepted.  life would be better all around if people didn't have to struggle and worry about being judged over how they love or feel.

I do love the matter of fact way my granddaughter explained it to me.  no awkwardness, no ridicule, just a simple explanation and a statement that she thought it was a fun show.

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