Tuesday, May 7, 2013

So I re-read a book....

I am not a huge romance book fan.  I used to read historical romances obsessively....of course, I used to be young also.
Of course, I had my favorites.  I favored books that had humor mixed in, and way more story than the hot-n-heavy.  I mean - there's romance, and then there's books about sex with some story thrown in.
I've kept a few of the historical romances around, because they were the ones I enjoyed the most.....and I wanted a change of pace this week.
So I picked up one that I haven't read for....about 15, maybe twenty years?
Even though some of the story was decent and entertaining I found myself sighing in exasperation and frustration.
How lame can a character be?
How did I ever like this?
How YOUNG was I?
I guess what works for us in our twenties is definitely NOT going to be interesting us when we're 52.
Time to pass on the book.

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