Sunday, March 31, 2013

Are The Dinosaurs Dead, Dad? by Julie Middleton

I couldn't find an author site for Julie Middleton - I didn't try awfully hard, but I did try.

I did find the publisher's page for the book, though, so that's what I linked the cover to. 

I received this book in the mail recently, and in true me fashion, I don't remember signing up for it, or entering a contest for it.  However, I'm happy to have received it.  I'm always happy to get a good children's book that I can either pass off to my grandchildren, keep to read to children or put in our school library.

I recently read the book to my grandson, then I took it to my school, where I read it to my granddaughter's class, and then to the other kindergarden class in the school.

some random comments from the kids after reading:

"I like when the dinosaur tried to eat the burger!"

"my favorite part was when the dinosaur winked at the kid"

"I liked when the dinosaur ROARED at the kid and dad!"

"I love when the dad yells to the boy to run"

and so on.

This book was a hit.  The kids enjoyed the pictures and the text.  I enjoyed the fact that the dad was so busy imparting his knowledge that he didn't really notice what was happening.  A bonus was the bits of dinosaur facts that was painlessly learned within the story.

It was a quick read that had them riveted.  They were looking for expressions and actions from the dinosaurs and one of the best parts for them was when dad's hat ended up on the last dinosaur.  They notice all those little details...

The book was a definite hit with the kindergardeners - the first graders are next...


  1. So glad the grandchildren enjoyed it! I get books in the mail sometimes and I have no idea why. You would think people would attach a note!

    Have you seen my kidlit blog?

    1. Yup - the grandchildren, the two kindergarden classes, the first graders and the second grade class I was able to read to - they all liked it. It was fun to see the different things each grade level noticed.

      I'm going to bookmark your blog - and visit. :)