Thursday, February 7, 2013

Croak by Gina Damico - review

Gina Damico
urban fantasy/Young Adult

cover - this cover kept me coming back.  it took me over a year to decide to buy this (young adult read), but the cover kept my interest until I finally broke down and bought the da**ed thing.  so glad I did. 

Croak. It's definitely a teen read.  There are some parts that are just a tad melodramatic, but they are trifling compared to the rest of the novel.  I enjoyed the writing style, the narration and the dialog of all the characters.  Pretty much early on, I had guessed which of the characters was going to be trouble, but I was surprised at just exactly how that trouble was going to go down...

Lex is a rather troubled young 'lady'.  This book has been out for a while already, so many already have read it.  I loved the premise of it.  Troubled teen (and boy is she trouble!) goes north to live with her strange Uncle Mort and finds herself in the strangest town ever.  Quirky characters abound, and you won't find this place on your own.  People who accidently stumble into this town find themselves leaving with hazy, vague memories of having a good time, and with quite a bit less money than they showed up with.

Turns out there's a good reason Lex has been having, er... anger issues.  She's been so angry and violent that her parents tend to tie her to kitchen chairs for dinner or talks.  There's this talent that's just dying to get out (pardon the bad pun).  And she's good at her talent, too good.

Ms Damico has a wonderful way with teen dialogue, teen anger, and the character of Uncle Mort is just priceless.  Wish I had an uncle who was as odd as Mort, who is just the right kind of off to deal with an angry, violent teen like Lex.

I found Croak to be a fun read with believable sounding teens in fantastic situations.  I would definitely recommend this to any teen who enjoys a good quirky story.

I recently bought the sequel, Scorched, and it's now languishing on my TBR pile - this rather large amount of books that I have waiting for me to read.

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