Saturday, January 5, 2013

Micro Reviews - Dragon Seeks Wife by Sandra Graves and The Bloodstone Dragon by G.L. Jackson

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Today's Reviews;

Dragon Seeks Wife
Sandra Graves

The Case of the Bloodstone Dragon
G.L. Jackson

cover - (I posted the very same thing last night, but it's still true, *g*) I just love this cover.  It's subtle and with those claw marks, just gets the point across, doesn't it?  Under those 'rips' in the cover are glimpses of it.

Dragon Seeks Wife (Sandra Graves) There is a certain style of fairy tale reading that I'm occasionally nostalgic for.  It takes me back to when I was a young tween (though that particular word was unheard of then), reading any fairytale -  or actually ANYTHING I could get my hands on.  Sandra Graves has the style down pat, and I enjoyed very much this fairy tale quest story with the twist of different setting.  Most fairytales are set in places that make you think of Europe.  This one is set in Mexico or Central America and features not only dragons, but quetzal birds.
The story is of a dragon who must seek a wife - or eventually die.  He morphs into a human, has no choice in this and goes on a quest to find a wife.  On his way he meets a village medicine woman then he ends up in a kingdom that has been cursed by a witch. 
The narrative flows, it's a story within a story as it's being told by a village elder to a group of villagers.  The dialogue within both tales is fitting - fits with the style of fairytale and the characters and is a fun, nostalgic (for me) return to a style of story that I haven't read in quite a while.  Very enjoyable.

The Case of the Bloodstone Dragon (G.L. Jackson) a noir mystery - surprised I know this term?  not sure if I'm using it right, but it feels right to me.  Think of those old Spillane style mystery books - story is reminiscent of that style of story. 
With each story I read in here, I appreciate more and more  the different styles of writing that these writers are sharing with us.  Jackson does her part here - telling dragon story, mystery style with a twist.  As with the other writers - her narrative is wonderful, and her character's dialogue works well with the noir detective style of story.
The year is not given - it's hinted at.  Starts out with a dame walking into a down and out detective's office...
seems there's a missing item - a relic that has something to do with dragons.  Could be because it's vaguely shaped like a dragon.
The woman who walks into the office - she has faint scales showing under her make up.  She wants to hire this not very successful ex-cop to help her find this bloodstone.
After doing some research, Clark goes to meet Ms Scarlet but there's this complication which ends in him and Ms Scarlet being tied up in some dark building.
All the elements that you love in a mystery, might remind  you of some stories like the Maltese Falcon, without being the same exact story.  It's written very well, and I enjoyed reading it very much.  

So far, out of three stories that I've read in this anthology, I've enjoyed all three.  This isn't always the case in a story collection.  Usually I like one or two, but not all.  I'm looking forward to the rest of the collection.


  1. I loved all the stories in this anthology. They were all very epicly awesome. (Making up words :))

  2. lol - hey, epicly awesome sounds like a fine phrase!

  3. Thank you for your kind comments about "Dragon Seeks a Wife". I had a wonderful time telling Dragon's story and I am delighted that you were as entranced with his tale as I was.

    1. You're very welcome - enjoyed it very much, and so found it easy to review. :)