Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mini Whine...

I can HEAR myself breathing - the air trying to filter through whatever is blocking it in the passageways (trying not to be gross here, but it feels gross).  I've been coughing so hard that my neck is feeling the stenosis (narrowing of the spinal column, pinching the nerves and leaving little room), my THIGH muscles feel like I just ran a marathon out of the blue; I'm just worn out from all the coughing and recently the cough that's been non-productive for a month has decided to start choking me with.....well...product.  ugh.  yuck.  And top it all off I now have a fever - that's with the ibuprofen and Norco (which has tylenol in it) on board)  In other words, I feel miserable.  I've left work twice in a row and I really should call in sick, but you know how strict employmers can be about time off and sickness.

I haven't been able to concentrate on a single book, and therefore I've read the first paragraph of about 10 books, then they just lay around here with me...  We'll have to s ee whate happens.  Hopefully the doc will provide some antibiotics and cough syrup without me paying for an office visit, which can also pay for the meds.  it's either office visits or medicaion.  Can't do both.

Whatever - the weekend is coming up so I'll have some ktime to recuperate - just wish it were longer - like four day.  At least x-mas vacation is coming up - two weeks off....maybe.

okay - I'm trying to be positive about this (it's hard though)  Like - I had a flu shot, imagine how bad this would be without the flu shot?  Maybe it doesn't do anything at all, I'm trying to think that it's making this illness easier than it could have been.  ;)

so, laying here, cuddling the little dog, holding a book near me and the t.v. is playing Craig Ferguson.  A frozen strawberry fruitbar would be good about now.....

This is why I did no Teaser Tuesday or It's Monday post.  Not feelin' it.

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