Saturday, November 24, 2012

Transformation Space by Marianne de Pierres - review

Transformation Space
Marianne de Pierres
Sentients of Orion #4 (final)

****** 6 out of 6 stars

cover - The cover is part of a theme with the last three covers.  It's okay, but I would love to actually see the crimson skin of the main character, Mira, who is supposed to be of reddish hue because of either the evolvement of her race or the melanin treatments the people of Araldis have done to survive on this very dry, arid, hot planet.

The Sentients of Orion is a series involving a found god-like entity, a planet, an explorer, the first woman in history to have the gene that allows her to pilot and speak with biozoons, biozoons (a race of space-faring beings who can alter themselves to become starships with amazing abilities), extros (they inhabit or possess people, animals, objects, etc) and Saaqr (a huge buglike thing that kills indescriminately in search for fluids) and a conspiracy.  There's more...much more.

Transformation Space is the final in the series.  Danger is on its way to Araldis, many planets have been destroyed and Mira Fedor is on her way back to Araldis with her Biozoon and her weird pregnancy.  Her biozoon seems to be doing things to her without her permission - sedating, making decisions, etc, but Mira can't seem to stop it.  JoJo is also on his way to Araldis.  And the survivors that Trin has been leading are barely surviving, but they're doing their best.  However, trouble is brewing.

There's a lot more story and many subplots from the previous novels that all come together here. There.  On Araldis.  It's great, the final chapters.  The whole book was great, the whole series, really.

Marianne de Pierres has this ability of running multiple characters, personalities (hey - not all writers can have multiple characters with different personalities), plotlines and situations into a novel.  Her narration is great.  Her dialogue is great.  The situations and how the characters react is interesting.  The final great conspiracy is revealed and it's nothing that any of the characters expected.

I'm hoping to eventually read more SciFi from de Pierres.  It's obvious that she really knows what she's doing, but she writes in such a way that if you aren't super knowledgeable about space travel, theories, etc, you don't feel like you're missing out on understanding.  This final novel was the icing on the series.  I ordered these books from overseas, but I'm seeing that they are going to be released in the U.S. soon - both as e-books and print, with brand new covers.