Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It WAS Monday, and now is time for Tuesday Teaser...

lol - I didn't caption the above pic, but I wish I had come up with that - isn't it great?  totally fits with the way we feel sometimes, doesn't it?  lol, lol, lofl!

Anyway, I've had a rough week mentally - crap from people.  Trying to hang in there, but it's tough - so I've been trying to escape by reading, and ended up staying off the internet for days again.  So now I missed the Monday post, though I'll do a quickie along with a teaser from my current read.

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I Read:

I only finished one book last week.
omnibus-the version I have
original cover - I don't have this one
Really - just one novel.  About par for me lately, though. :) I did start a second novel, and almost started a different second novel...
I finished Chrystal Soldier by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller (from the omnibus edition titled Chrystal Variation) .  Good book, interesting even if it was a bit slow in the beginning.  This soldier is walking on this dead planet and walking, walking, walking, walking, it goes on and one.  That wasn't so bad, but there's a few confusing things because they do NOT do this informational dumping thing.  A teeny bit of information might have helped, however.  Anyway, once things became a little bit clearer regarding this planet and this soldier,etc the book was very entertaining.
Basically - an enhanced solder (possibly vat borne, he's of the M series of soldiers) crash lands on a planet, a completely dry and deadened planet, finds the absolute last slightly living tree and forms a telepathic bond with the tree.  The tree ends up part of his life, through his missions and travels.  It's also the story of Jela (the soldier) and Cantra (the many times grandmother of Theo Waitley {of Fledgling, Saltation & Ghost Ship}).  Though they don't shy away from dangerous scenes, Lee and Miller tend to write with a little less action than your average adventure story writers.  it works, the stories remain interesting 

an original cover
Currently I'm reading Chrystal Dragon, and the beginning is dragging along (or I'm just having a hard time concentrating - the bad week stuff;concentration is way off) so I'm very close to putting it aside for another book.  It's supposed to be the continuation of Jela and Cantra's story, but in the beginning pages, there is something going on with dominant and submissive energies - birthing, dominion, submission, forming and burning up....it's confusing and going on too long for my current state of mind to handle. 30 pages and counting of this beginning confusion (for me - right now it's confusing for me)  I think I've must finished convincing myself to start reading somthing else - soooo......

I 'm going to re-start (I got as far as the first page last week)  Aftertime by Sophie Littlefield.  Which is what I'm also using for the Tuesday Teaser. 


Sophie Littlefied
page 10

'You saw them before they saw you, and then you hid, and you prayed.  If they saw you at all, if they came close enough to smell you, you were worse than dead.'

whoa....that gives me shivers - for reals.  ugh.  So, you might have guessed (or heard by now, it's been out for a while, with sequels and everything) this is a zombie based book.  About living in a time when zombies are roaming around.  

I don't want or mean to be a complete whiner - but feeling still a little raw from some things I've going through.  Hopefully, I can get my brain to just appreciate myself without dwelling on things that aren't going so great.  It's hard sometimes, but I'll get there. Funny shows help.  So does reading and ignoring people, haha.

Know what else helps?
Funny LOLCatz pictures - or even dog pics.  

Now this one was captioned by me.  Think Billy Elliott


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