Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Teaser Teaser Tuesday and the Saloon of Doom

Before we get down to The Business of Teasing -- One of my Favorite Authors is releasing a short story in an anthology very soon.  The anthology is going to be called Gunslingers and Ghost Stories and her story is...                                              Saloon of Doom by J.A. Campbell            The book should be out in December 1, 2012 and will be in print. More information available at: Science Fiction Trails.com. I'll be working on getting my own copy, and knowing Campbell's writing, there will be at least one good story in the anthology - mostly likely there will be quite a few interesting shorts to keep her story company.
 It was a hot Monday, leading into a hot Tuesday, a Teaser Tuesday....Hot (snicker, smirk,snicker)
So - here we are.  A Hot Tuesday....Our area went from summer weather to a week of bitter cold and back to the dog days of sum...er fall.  haha

And on to our Teaser Tuesday meme - a meme that I've missed doing the past few weeks because sometimes I'm just exhausted...  MizB of ShouldBeReading is the host of this fun bookish, bloggish meme.
We read, We tease, We visit, We don't post spoilers....

I've been reading vN by Madeline Ashby
from page 58

'Javier's baby popped free of his father's body like a shiny coin from an old rubber purse.  He emerged head first, his wrinkled body wreathed in glimmering smoke, and blinked once at Amy before vomiting everywhere.'

Then, some used books I ordered last week came in the mail - used SciFi novels from the Liaden Universe....(yeay!).... All omnibus editions with two to three novels in each.  Only thing is...can't figure out which one to read first, since they're weren't exactly written in time sequential order.  (like those big words?)  I've decided to start with the first novel in the omnibus titled The Dragon Variation  - 

by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
page 1

 "'No? His Mother echoed, light blue eyes opening wide.
Er Thom yos' Galan bowed hastily: Subordinate Person to Head of Line, seeking to recoup his error.
'Mother,' he began, with all propriety, 'I ask grace...'
She cut him off with a wave of her hand.  'Let us return to "no."  It has the charm of brevity.'
Er Thom took a careful breath, keeping his face smooth, his breath even, his demeanor attentive.  Everything that was proper in a son who had always been dutiful.
After a moment, his mother sighed, walked carefully past him and sat wearily in her special chair.  She frowned up at him, eyes intent.
'Is it your desire, my son, to deniy the clan you genes?'"

How's THAT for an opening page?
That's it for now.  You've had two LOL cats to look at, an announcement on an upcoming book, and two teasers.  
Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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