Monday, September 24, 2012

50 books an a reading goal

I have now read fifty books - well, finished reading fifty novels; this does not include the short stories or children's picture books.
Now, I know that there are some people who hit fifty books within the first few months of 2012, but for me, hitting fifty books in September is pretty damned good.
I used to read up to four books a week.  
this, however, was pre-internet...or rather, pre-I-now-have-internet.
Since I've discovered the internet/gotten access at home for internet, things like Castleville and FB have seriously curtailed my reading.
Oh - and those grandchildren of mine.  
Since they've been born, my reading of novels has dropped, but my reading of picture books has increased.
In other "sadder" news, I went from 103 followers to 101 followers. 
Good thing I'm not getting paid for blogging, I would be an epic fail at this.
I don't write scathing reviews, or get very snarky - so it's possible that I'm too boring for some.
On the other hand, I don't post every single day - so that might be another factor.
Whatever - the main reason I even started blogging was just to keep track of what I've been reading - there was a time when I would buy a book, forgetting that I'd already bought and read it. 
Now I have a record of a sort...
and now I have a few online friend, which is a huge bonus.
And I've also discovered LOL Catz, and have been having some fun creating a few of my own captions for some cat/dog pics. 
Which is harder than you would think  - especially for an imagination-challenged person, like myself.

50 books.  In 2009 I barely read 44 books in the whole year.
2010 I read 54.
Ahhh - But last year - 2011, I  finished 72 books.
72!  a record for me.
It's possible that I might have at least 65 books finished by December 31st.
Not as many as 2011, but better than 2009.
That's going to be my goal -
a total of 65 novels read by the end of December.
That's 15 more books in three months.
that's possible, right?  haha - not if I have any more of those no-book weeks. 
But I think I now want to challenge myself - even better would be to surpass 2011's 72 books - but I'm not totally insane.
(I better hurry)
wish me luck!


  1. It's so hard not to get caught up with the numbers, isn't it? I sometimes have to remind myself of my intentions too. I just wanted to keep track of things so I could remember what I loved about a book instead of just saying, "Yes...I think I've read that book. I think I liked it."
    Congrats on your 50 books!

    1. haha - you know what's ironic? two days after posting and I'm ready to give up reading the book I was in the middle of. There's just so much Science or astrology class disguised as a story and conversation. Hard for me to follow and enjoy, more my dad's cup of tea.

      I came home today to find a random book that was sent to me out of the blue - which I'm happy about, since I rarely just receive books like that. Looks interesting, but there's no literature accompanying the book. So...mystery.