Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Victory Conditions by Elizabeth Moon - review

Victory Conditions
Vatta's War #5
Elizabeth Moon
Science Fiction
The final installment to the Vatta's War series, Victory Conditions is one of the best books of the series. I found the ending satisfying, if a bit heartbreaking.

Ky has earned quite a reputation as a commander of a space force, yet it hasn't come without some tragedy. She's also been dealing with grief from family death, the loss of a way of life and being the cause of death of others - even though they may have been enemies, it doesn't feel that great to know she's the cause of so many deaths. She's also been a bit bothered by how much she enjoys the kill at times - something that's come up since the first book in the series. She finds herself perilously close to a breakdown, just when she needs most to keep herself sharp. She is going to be in charge of a multisystem force to fight the pirate, which have also grown in force. The odds seem too high.

Rafe has his own difficulties, his father has been damaged, his sister has been depressed and his mother isn't quite the same. On top of that, the board of ISC seems to be growing suspicious of his intentions, though at first they were glad of his help. He's chafing at having to be in charge of everything - and fighting not only his own board, but the government to take the threat from the pirates to their planet seriously. Besides dealing with many spies, there has been mismanagement on all levels by many people at the family corporation.

Stella and Toby have to deal with a kidnapping attempt, and Toby is also dealing with a first love situation - Zori comes from an important family and they're suspicious of Toby's family. And there's something creepy about Zori's dad...

With a great mix of espionage, relationship issues, war strategy and heroics from unexpected places, Victory Conditions was a great final book to a fun series about space traders, pirates, tragedy and family.  I had fun reading the series.

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