Friday, June 8, 2012

Some of my favorite things....on t.v. (or books)

Craig Ferguson
Craig Ferguson's Monologues - Every night, without fail, he refers to a row - the front row- as "lesbian row" and no matter who sits there, according to him, they are lesbians.  He's never rude about it, he always gives the impression that they're his favorite people.  I also like the way he's not afraid to make fun of himself throughout his show.  He has a wicked sense of humor.
Geoff Peterson.jpg
Geoffrey Peterson, the robot.  From Craig Ferguson's show - his gay skeleton sidekick.  One of my favorite talkshow sidekicks.  He has a twitter account.  If I did twitter, I would totally follow him.  But I don't - do twitter.  Unfortunately, this account doesn't seem to be updated lately....or maybe I just don't know how to navigate twitter.

Jay Leno
haha - the way that all of my favorite talk show hosts (David Letterman and Craig Ferguson) keep taking jabs at the whole Leno debacle.  How because of Leno, Letterman ended up at CBS (started out on NBC) and then how Leno pushed Conan O'Brien out of the prime late night show time.  I personally, don't think Leno is that great.  Those other three  - Conan O'Brien, David Letterman and Craig Ferguson are way funnier.

Discovering new music via car commercials- seriously, I've heard some interesting songs on car commercials....or Captain Jack's Rum commercial.  
Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels.  I just finished Unseen Academicals - just as good as the others, though it took me a little longer than usual to get started on it.  Though he's famous for his Discworld Novels, he's also written books in a couple of other series.  I also have a very old SciFi book of his called Strata.  A very early novel, originally published in 1980 - it's a relatively short novel, compared to his other novels.

Michelle Obama's sense of humor.  I like that she's willing to do a top ten list for David Letterman.  She's also appeared on his show - I don't care if it was only because of elections coming up or not - I like to watch her, she's funny, smart and watching when they both appear on interviews is also fun.

and my alltime Favorite thing?
spending time with my grandchildren!  This pic is from the spring of 2011
Not the best picture - but this is one of the things they do together....and the background is   another thing they do together...i.e. mess up grandma's house with toys.  Toys from the front entryhall to the bedroom.  :)

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