Thursday, April 26, 2012

Randomnosity - (no, I didn't make up this word, sure I've seen it somewhere, don't remember where, don't really care...)

I have nothing to say regarding books today.
However, I do feel like posting links to this and that.
first is the lolcat pic I'm most proud of captioning (best ever by me, anyway - lol)

For a cute little poem about enjoying life...go see Eva Gallant at Wrestling with Retirement.  Ms Gallant is one of those originally funny people.  Once in a while I go over to her website just to laugh my ass off. (I should do this more often)

Ever watch French Foreign independant films?  The ones with subtitles...
They're usually bleak...
full of ENNUI...
For anyone who's ever enjoyed ennuitic cinema, or even if you don't enjoy it
This video is for you...
I first saw this last Tuesday night on Facebook. I laughed my ass off again  (I'm starting to worry about the state of my ass..)
Decided to share with y'all today, and when I searched for it, I saw that it's now viral.  So you've probably already seen it. 
Even so - here it is again.
Henri has his own Facebook page - which I'm going to follow.  

I'm a little weird about my music - it's hard to describe just exactly what I like - I do know that if there's a Latin beat, I can't stop moving my hips - no matter how much the back hurts.  You have to SUFFER for your dance!
Really - sometimes you just gotta dance.
Anyway, this music isn't anything close to a latin beat, but I am enjoying this particular song by Joseph Arthur (as seen on David Letterman show)

I have a new favorite show - 

Nothing will ever compare or measure up to Modern Family (in my eyes) but Don't Trust the B in Apt 23 comes very close.  
I love shows with deliciously flawed characters.
Wednesday nights right after Modern Family
Freeway the rescued dog
This dog - temporarily named Freeway - was dragged quite a while, hanging from a leash from a black pickup truck.  A mother and son apparently tried to get the truck to stop, and it wasn't until the truck exited the freeway that the leash broke, the dog crashed and hit up against a wall - This mom and son stayed with the dog until the humane society picked the dog up.  The puppy (omg - why would anyone do this to any dog, much less a PUPPY!?) was lucky in that he only had a crushed leg - no other injuries.  So the vet had to amputate.  I read that the Humane Society is taking care of the bill from the vet, but they need help with the money.  
Seriously.  What the hell was wrong with those people in the truck?  The woman was laying on her horn, screaming at the people and the truck just kept going until it left the freeway.
sick, sick, evil individuals (the people in the truck)
So sweet of the lady and her son to stay with the dog until he was picked up. 
On a happier note --

These two dogs are best friends.  More accurately, the smaller dog is completely in love with the bigger dog - the fact that they're both male has no bearing on the deep love SkippyJonJones has for Buddha.  Buddha isn't as committed to the relationship as SkippyJon is.  Sadly, this is the way of some relationships.
This is all I have for you tonight/today
Wish I could come up with exciting videos, such as Henri 2 - but not so talented. 

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