Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday, It's Monday and I didn't read much...

It's been a rough few weeks for me. Even though I had a lot of fun on my recent trip, I was pretty exhausted from all the plane rides and airport experiences - which though uneventful, it's still tiring simply waiting and wandering around the airport. Every thing seems to be a mile away - no matter what. Need a bathroom? it's a mile behind you. Need something to drink? it's a mile ahead of you. I exaggerate, but the sheer size of an airport means you are going to be doing some walking - a lot of walking.........with your bags.
So I finally go back to work, and then I come down with a fever and a cough - ahhhhhhh - so tired and icky feeling....just start to feel better and then my uterus decides to mess with me - I am 51 years old, people. I am through with the whole uterus thing. I am not going to have any more babies, so my uterus needs to leave me alone - but it won't. it worked overtime this past week - making me have to "take care of things" every half hour to an hour. This is tiring. It is exhausting. I feel like death warmed over. My uterus is just now taking a quick break. I'm hoping that this does not go on for very long, because besides the whole....producing thing, there were the cramps....nice painful cramps...
But this is not what I want to focus on - but I'm worn out and tired, and wishing my uterus would retire for good - not for a few months and then come out of recently happened.
ahhhh - womanly parts, they're so fun.
This meant, that because of the party my uterus was having, along with my regular pain, and the rain acting up and making my spine hurt more....I spent a lot of time lounging and reading - and the grandchildren were happily running circles around me, laughing and playing and making me laugh. I laughed so hard at times, that I would lose my breath.
Last night, we ended up with me in the middle and each grandchild holding on to an arm while sleeping - an interesting position to be in - can't move much, but you end up relaxing and falling asleep with your arms held captive by little kids... :)
It's Monday, What Are You Reading is a weekly book blogging meme hosted by Sheila of Book Journey. It's simple - we share what we're reading, what we've finished (haha - those of us that have been able to focus long enough to finish a book - *g*) and sometime, what we plan to read.
I was happily in midst of a three book marathon reading, when a book I've been waiting for was released, and then I also became re-interested in a book I've had around for a while....

One of the books I'm reading this week is Chaos Space by Marianne de Pierres aka Marianne Delacourt of Burn Brightly - I cannot find an excerpt for this one. However, reading and looking for an excerpt reminds me of the trilogy by de Pierres that I read so long ago. I am really feeling the need to re-read this series - the first one is called Nylon Angel and it's billed as a cyberpunk. I absolutely loved the trilogy and wish that de Pierres had a contract to write more in this world - it's a very good, gritty sci-fi trilogy.
While I was in the third of the Space series, Stacia Kane's latest Downside book was released. This is one of those novels (for me) that I will put aside other novels to read. However, the other novel I was reading is just as interesting, so at the moment I'm splitting my time between them. It's a selfish way of reading. :) So far, Sacrificial Magic is just as good as the previous three novels in the Downside series. Flawed main character with a dysfunctional love - and written is such an interesting way....
The book I've become re-interested in is Kindling The Moon by Jenn Bennett. This is a book that I bought because many, many people were raving about it - not normally a reason for me to buy a book, but people who write books I love were liking this novel - so I bought it. I started it - started out very compelling and then for some reason I lost interest. To be fair, I didn't give much time to it - and only recently picked it back up and started reading again. This time, I'm more interested in it, and have gotten a little further, finding that it's getting more interesting as I go.

There are many more books that I have sort of lined up - but my mood and thus my book reading possibilities change so quickly - which is one of the reasons I have so many books that I've started, that I'm in the midst of reading or that I've put aside temporarily. Once in a while once of them ends up my main read and then the whole skipping about between books starts again. This is what works for me.
I leave you with a slightly cranky LOL Cat - enjoy your coming week of reading.


  1. I've been noticing Sacrificial Magic around...

    Sorry you're dealing with those issues...I had some of those awhile back. Everything's okay for

    Have a great the cat and kids photos.


  2. *hugs* Sorry about the badness... but awesome with all the reading!