Saturday, April 7, 2012

favorite college football player

This news is a little late, but my favorite college football player attended Pro Day for NFL hopefuls.
Now I don't pretend to know a lot about football, or how the whole draft/free agent thing works ... I just know that I hope Pritchett gets picked up by a good team. He's fast and I think shows some promise as a player.
Footage of a newscast available here, and if you scroll around and explore the site, you'll see some more pics of Donnie Pritchett's training and skills.

and then there's this video posted by

Why am I seemingly obsessed with this college player?
Not because I'm a gay man (I'm not a gay man, I'm just an aging woman...sigh = love it though. )
Not just because he's young and handsome and shows talent
He's a homegrown man - went to school with a couple of my kids.
grew up around and in my hometown
my husband thinks of him like one of his own
my grandkids call him Uncle Donnie!
all round good guy that I hope to see succeed with his dreams - get into the NFL, and from there end up in a good career - the whole reason he's going to college

Good Luck Donnie!
Hope to see you on an NFL team, playing football on my T.V.!

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