Monday, March 12, 2012

Teaser Tuesday

J.A. Campbell news - Remember to keep your eyes open for the sequel to Senior Year Bites. Summer Break Blues has been picked up for publication and should be available. On top of that, Campbell has written a short story that has been accepted by Bleeding Ink Anthology. Look out for Roses For The Devil in the anthology.
Ms Campbell has been BUSY!

{I wish my bookshelves look this organized}
Well, everyone! Here we are on another Teaser Tuesday. Monday has been survived. {somehow, that sentence just doesn't sound right}
Hosted by MizB of ShouldBeReading, this is where we tease each other unmercilessly with snippets from current or recent reads. No spoilers allowed.

I just finished reading Strength and Honor by R.M. Meluch. Now this is the fourth and final {in paperback, anyway} Novel from the series featuring the U.S.S. Merrimack. Hell of a series. There is a fifth novel, The Ninth Circle, but I think it's just coming out in hardback - and so is out of my price range...
from page 43
' Commander Gypsy Dent's hair was an elaborate nest of serpentine dreadlocks detached from Gypsy's head and exiled to her cabin until Gypsy got off duty, when she reattached it to her head hair by hair.
Gypsy was very proud of her hair, and she had given Captain Farragut an order:"Speak not of the hair." '

Still in a SciFi mood, I went right into Boneyards, by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. I've never ever ever read any SciFi from her. Apparently there is a short prequel e-book - Becalmed - available.
From page 41
' She raised her head, expecting to see the station blow into a million pieces. Instead it remained intact, and she wondered if she had gotten her count wrong. She hadn't really been paying attention to the clock She'd been running, not counting minutes.
Her heart was pounding and she was breathing hard. Her palm had left a damp print on the controls.
She stared at the screens and wondered, for the very first time, if she had gotten it all wrong.'
Rusch has written this novel in a combinationof first person and third person narrative. So far, it's working. But then, I find that this does work with some writers, and usually makes for a more interesting book.
Rush is AKA Kristine Dexter, Kristine Grayson, and Kris Nelcott

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