Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Monday, and I'm back

It's time for It's Monday, What Are You Reading hosted by Sheila of Book Journey

I've tried to get into the Urban Fantasy the last few weeks, but nothing feels right. At the moment, anyway. I'm back into the SciFi kick, but my all time favorite SciFi writers have either finished their series, or they aren't currently working or publishing anything SciFi for the moment. I did however, find a new to me series by R.M. Meluch. Even though I didn't quite get into the first of the Merrimack Tour series, somehow I ended up reading the second novel, loved it, and went for the first novel. The second time around with the first novel, suddenly I'm enjoying is so much more! Finished it and am now reading the third novel titled The Sagitarious Command. Luckily for my SciFi craving, I
have - right here, right my house! - two more of this series. Then it's back to waiting for either Tanya Huff to write another Valor novel, or for Ann Aguirre to have her final Sirantha Jax (sob, sob) novel published. From there, it's a search for an interesting scifi series with a strong female presence - as those seem to be the novels I enjoy the most - female for me.

It's time for a little rant here - I'm having issues with Internet Explorer tonight. Everytime I try to move a picture around, it closes on me. It's driving me nuts. So I had to go to Google Chrome, which is fine for playing cityville and Castleville, but sucks for trying to post on my blog....only because of formatting the pictues. On I.E., when it's working, I can put a picture with a lot of text next to it....with Chrome, the text won't start until the bottom of the picture, wasting lots of perfectly good space. It drives me nuts because no matter what I do, I cannot get around the picture formatting things - and I.E. is behaving crazily. Not only that, but I'm still stuck at this stupid desk, sitting in this damned chair, straining my back because we're still waiting for Hewlet Packard, or whatever they're called, to send me a Friggin Box to sent back the laptop so they can fix what ever it is that made the fan stop working. For close to a thousand dollars (with the warranty) you'd think it wouldn't take over TWO WEEKS to mail a friggin box, right? Ugh - guess I had some frutration built up. You can bet if I were making payments to them they wouldn't expect me to take over two weeks to mail it in, now would they?

Okay - It's been a rough week, with pain and computer issues. This is why I haven't posted even any Memes, it's been too hard. And this morning my emphysema reared it's ugly face and I coughed up unbelievable amounts of liquid - sorry, TMI, I'm sure, but I'm living this. Even though I quit smoking many years ago. Life is never fair, though.
So here's hoping the pain abates, although I doubt it will, the weather is turning cold again, and I'm having to sit up in this damned chair. And here's hoping the box shows up!

On a happier note, if you click on the book covers above, you'll be taken to book excerpts at R.M. Meluch's website. She has a very interesting website, go exploring.


  1. Old follower, just stopping by on a Monday . . . I've yet to read anything by Meluch but have a few titles queued up for an eventual read.


  2. Ooh, I hate computer issues...and I've fought with IE so much in the past that I never use it anymore. I'm on Firefox...and so far, so good.

    Hope you get everything resolved. I have asthma and emphysema, so I can feel for you on those issues.

    Hope you enjoy this week better than last.


  3. Bob - Thanks for stopping by again, Old Follower. I enjoyed your reviews of your Monday books.

    Laurel - One day I'd love to pick your brains about living with emphysema - I haven't gotten a lot of info from the docs, they've asked if I have questions, but how do I even know what to ask? I don't know what's normal for this condition...