Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

Something has gone wrong with my laptop.


it might have something to do with falling off my lap - though it didn't seem to fall very hard, or very far. I was on the couch, it kind of slid off my lap. But now I keep getting a message about how the fanning/cooling system is not working so I cannot turn it on for more than the five seconds it takes me to read the message. I can't remember if I bought the computer last year or the year before. It might be under warranty, but I hate dealing with that shit and I NEED my laptop. I didn't realize until today how much I rely on having it around. Sitting up at the desktop is very difficult for me. :( {I am very grateful, however that I am able to use my desktop - indeed, that I even have one. It's just hard for me to sit up there}

So I almost didn't do the Tuesday meme....and this key board seems to be trying to skip letters if I type too fast.

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Tonght {Hah! this MORNING!} I'm using a book that I read about 7 years ago. It's sitting right here at the computer for some reason - someone must be reading it, or the kids liked the
cover. I have way too many books that I'm in "the middle of reading" to go searching for one of them.

page 147

'I don't think elves use bad language - unless they pick up the habit when they find themselves over on the human side - though they would appear to know what it signifies. They stared at me disapprovingly, as if I'd just farted in the nave of Westminster Abbey in the middle of a royal wedding.'
Y'know, now that I've noticed this book again, and skimmed through for a teaser - I kind of want to read it again. Tom Holt is a funny writer, on a par with Terry Pratchett - only he comes across as a teeny bit more brainiac type of writer. Meaning that it's very easy to understand Pratchett's prose, as if he writes for the average person {you can tell Pratchett is a brain, though} while Holt might be difficult for some to comprehend.

It's been a rough weekend with the spouse being sick all day, me feeling under the weather a bit also, and {pout/sob/boo-hoo} my best friend, my laptop going under. But I do have some good memories from Saturday! That was fun, and I hope we're able to do it again, even if it did hurt later. :)


  1. YIKES! Hope the laptop has a fast recovery!

  2. Oh, I do hate computer woes...I don't have a laptop, so everything is done on my somewhat aging desktop. I keep thinking it will die...any day now!


  3. Sorry about your computer woes! I would be sick if something happened to my laptop (which reminds me that I need to do another backup) - I hope your issue gets resolved quick!

    Here's my TT post: http://tinyurl.com/6sqqgac