Monday, January 2, 2012

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Monday was sooooo cold - brrrrr. Glad it's over in a way - but then I'm also feeling like the vacation is flying by. In a cold, cold way...BRRRRRR
It's time again for Teaser Tuesday. I have to admit that I've been a slacker about Teaser Tuesdays, and this is one of the memes that I absolutely love to do. But I've been exhausted and lazy on top of being exhausted. How can I tell? lol. Don't know, really. Just talking out my ....ahem. Tuesday Teaser is hosted by Miz B of ShouldBeReading. The goal is to interest or tease other book readers with your current read - no spoilers allowed.
I'm easing back into Teaser Tuesdays with just one book- and of course it's a book that I've been reading all last week - and getting n0 where on. It's a book I bought long ago - I'm trying to focus on some of my older TBR books.

Stardoc by S.L. Viehl - a novel which has had a wide range of views, some controversy within the reviews...

from page 138
'He dropped my wrists. I whirled around, prepared to stomp off in a high rage. A heartbeat later my body stopped cooperating. A choked cry burst from my throat as I halted, the sound dying away. I couldn't move.'
Don't you hate when that happens? I do - nothing like trying to stomp off and being paralyzed. :)

Here's another LOL Cat New Year Resolution pic for you.


  1. Great teaser. I'm off to check the book out. Love you lol catz too.

    Here is mine if you get chance to stop by Claire's Book Corner TT

  2. Good teaser. Love the cat cartoon! Happy reading to you in the New Year!

    Here's ours: