Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stanley's Wild Ride

I hardly ever post about children's picture books. I read so many in the course of a week, that I usually forget them. Sometimes, one really stands out though.

Stanley's Wild Ride by Linda Bailey is one of those books that just stand out.

Today, during library time with a group of first graders, (I'm a library tech at a k-8th school) I read it out loud to them. Now, when they were in Kindergarden some of them heard the same book from the same person (me) but I told them - it's one of my favorites, so we're going to read it again. They were game.

It's a very fun book to read aloud. Stanley is a bored little dog, who gets loose from his yard, helps his friends get loose and they all go on a wild run.

There is howling, riding "things" down a hill, careening around corners, and eventually crashing into a yard.

The narration is wonderful, making you picture Stanley and the dogs.

Very fun book with a wonderful moral at the end - not your typical moral lesson, either. This woman is funny.

Very fun to read out loud

Very fun to howl with the story...

I had those kids laughing and almost rolling in the library.

It was great.

If you like children's books with a sense of humor, you're going to have fun with this one.

I'm going to check it out (or maybe buy it) for my grandchildren, because I think this is a great one to read on a wild Saturday Night!

Linda Bailey has another book out featuring Stanley that I've read - titled Stanley's Party. It's about a dog party gone wrong (reminds of those news reports of when teens take over a house for a party when the parents are away). In fact, while browsing Bailey's website, I see that there are quite a few Stanley books - I need to get a hold of them. We only have two in our school library. If anyone wants to donate to a little charter school.....

we don't have (yet)

Stanley at Sea

Stanley's Beauty Contest

Stanley's Little Sister

Judging by the the first two books, these other three have got to be hilarious. I love when a childrens' book author is able to write a book that leaves children gasping for air because they laughed so hard. I love it when I'm enjoying reading a book so much that I have to control my own laughter.

It's great!
If you have children, grandchildren or even feel like donating a good book to a worthy (or even unworthy, the kids need it) school - keep in mind these Stanley books by Linda Bailey.


  1. Sounds like an adorable book ...and one I'll have to check out the next time we're looking for a storytime read at out local store! Love the cover art too...looks like Stanley's having a lot of fun. ^_^ Thanks for the share!

  2. I always have fun reading the Stanley books.