Monday, January 30, 2012

It's Monday

I'm feeling a little blah, today, so only one LOL Catz. Not sure what's wrong, just feeling like....just blah. I probably just need some sleep - more than four hours at a time, and less pain would be good. But that's always just a given. I haven't been able to sleep more than four or five hours at a time for a while. Maybe tomorrow - maybe not!

This is going to be short and sweet- finally sleepy!

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I was excited about buying a couple of new books, and then when I started to read them I became listless about them. Just that general feeling of not quite boredome, but....almost. Happens to me sometimes after I read a few books in a row - those books that are enjoyed so very much, but after reading them nothing quite measures up.


huge, dramatic sigh.....

Maybe next week will be better - Hopefully because I did re-discover the book by Lisa Shearin that I started to read the other day...or rathe rthe other MONTH. lol

Magic Lost, Trouble Found

I was about three quarters full when I misplaced it or laid it down and forgot about it, or whatever I did.

I'm leaning toward finishing it this week.

I also reviewed Doc, Vampire Hunting Dog by J.A. Campbell.

Actually had the review flagged and hidden because it was deemed inappropriate - on two sites, Amazon US and Barnes & Noble. All I see is that I used Shit hits the fan (which I've done before) and Hell, and Damn. It's possible that this was flagged because it's a YA novel but still, I feel kind of censored. It's okay, I changed it on the Amazon site, but I couldn't get into my review for the B&N site, so I'm waiting for a respons from them.

Never thought I would have one of my reviews taken down for being inappropriate - and I've seen lots of strongly worded reviews by others. Not sure how I feel about it yet though. Whatever - I'll fix it - although, free speech and all. :)

Okay - time for bed, everybody!


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