Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Teaser Tuesday Tuesday Teaser (a word palindrome)

Know what a palindrome is? Usually you see it in a word form, like BoB or dad, Hannah, Anna. Same backwards as forwards. Here it's in phrase form (not a usual palindrome form). My favorite math activity is one that a 5th grade teacher gives each year's class. A list of numbers from one to 99, where you add (for example) for the number 21 add 12 to it - the answer is 33 which makes a number palindrome. Because it only took one addition, it's considered a one step. It's fun to watch the kids go through all the number, seeing the students who catch on quickly that the answer for the number 32 is going to be the same as for 23, the answer for 29 will be the same for 92, etc. The most challenging number was 89 (if I'm remembering right) It took over 23 steps to get to the palindrome and ended up being one of those huge numbers that have over 11 digits to it. Took four pages of additions (rather large writing, but still). I did the math myself once just to do it. Anyway - that was one of my randomosities. A bit of randomness that has nothing whatsoever to do with book blogging to round out your day. :)

Teaser Tuesday is hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. I love this meme, even though I occasionally miss it, like last week. It's fun reading little bits of novels that are out there. It's fun finding little bits to tease others with. :) The Teaser Tuesday meme calls for a two sentence tease, with no spoilers. However, I have a hard time keeping to only two sentences, so at times I post a bit more. Either way, it's a fun meme to participate in, and I doubt the meme police are going to show up and fine me, (hopefully not, anyway!)

Snuff by Terry Pratchett - his newest book release
Snuff is set in the Disc World, with Commander Vimes of the City Watch being the focus. Vimes is forced into a vacation - something that is anathema to ol' coppers like him. One of my other favorite writers has interviewed Terry Pratchett - interesting interview.
{by the way - click here for a peak at a song that Neil Gaiman helped out with on the Craig Fergusen show - Moby and others were singers....scroll down the post, you'll see it. Loved it, and he also had a pretty good interview with Craig}
from page 109 of Snuff;
'Vimes stood up. "I'm going for a walk, chief constable. You can follow me if you like"
"Sorry sir, but I've arrested you!"
"No, son, you haven't," said Vimes, heading toward the front door.
"But I definitely told you that you were arrested, sir!" It was almost a wail.
Vimes opened the front door and started down the steps with Feeney trotting along behind him....'

Black Blood (aka Dark Blood) by John Meaney
The second in the Tristopolis trilogy

from page 17;
'He had a strange sense of architecture in his mind, a form of internal perception he had never known.
Then again, I've never been dead before.'

The first book was Bone Song - one of the best books I've read in 2011...or, well - ever.

I was planning on more random bits, but still a bit under the weather, so it's sleepy time again. Too tired even to post an LOL cat, and I love them kitties and their crazy captions.



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