Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Teaser Tuesday - or Tuesday Teaser

I have to say, this is one of my favorite LOL Cat pics. Can you guess why?

which brings me to one of my favorite weekly blog/book memes (do you know, a few years ago I didn't know what the hell "meme" was? There are many new computer/blogger terms that weren't around 10 years ago-that's me stating the obvious. LOL.) Teaser Tusdays is hosted by MizB of ShouldBeReading. We tease each other with our current reads, avoiding spoilers.

My current read is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I am focusing on this one, trying to have it be my only read (believe me, this is hard for me, because I tend to jump around with at least four books being read at one time, or rather in different places...) This is an intense subject matter, and a very interesting book. I find it hard to put down. The guidelines are for two teaser sentences, but some of us find it hard to limit to just two sentences. This is one of those times. :)

So, from page 133;

'For a moment, the cameras hold on Peeta's downcast eyes as what he says sinks in. Then I can see my face, mouth half open in a mix of surprise and protest, magnified on every screen as I realize, Me! He means me! I press my lips together and stare at the floor hoping this will conceal the emotions starting to boil up inside of me.'

Sending you off with another LOL Cat pic. Can't help, they're funny and cute.


  1. One of my favorite books! Great teaser! :)

  2. I am finding out with each chapter why so many people like this book - both young and adults. It's something else!

  3. Great teaser. I still haven't managed to get to this one but sooo want!

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  4. I think I read The Hunger Games in one sitting! I'm not one for having lots on the go, this weekend was the first time I did as I wanted to start new books for the readathon.

  5. Great choice for a teaser! We both loved this book! There are so many good parts in it. Hope you are enjoying it.

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