Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Monday,'s Monday

I am so NOT ready for Monday, but then I rarely am. LOL. Good thing this year I've arranged my schedule so that I don't have to move upright (much) until noon-thirty. ahhhhhh.....if only I didn't have to do any

But, it IS Monday, and I do have to take part in life (and jobs). Thankfully, one of the things that makes Monday more tolerable is the weekly meme hosted by Sheila called It's Monday, What are You Reading? Here is where we share what we've finished, what we're in the middle of reading and maybe what we're thinking of reading.
Once again, I've left this post for very late at night, and tonight I'm having back issues - not meaning to complain (this is something I deal with a lot, so no point in going on and on about it) but it translates tonight, into me not providing links under the covers like I usually do.

Last week I finished Worldwired by Elizabeth Bear. Wow. This is the final of the trilogy about Jenny - a native canadian (Indian) aging ex-military conscripted back into the military after being "in hiding" in the slums of's a very trippy series - futuristic and yet set in the late 21st century. In this version of our future America is no longer a superpower, much of the world is lost to rising waters....many countries have been swallowed up by others...It's a believable future. Anyway, this last book has to do with plots, betrayals and artificial intelligent sentients, aliens from outerspace and starships. It was a very good trilogy with an amazing final novel. Seriously, Ms Bear has a brain for SciFi, political plotting and computer involved storytelling. That woman must have the IQ of a genius! boy o boy.

After reading such an amazing series, as well as recently reading a Jax novel and a few other wonderful SciFi novels, I had to decide to continue on my SciFi obsession or to go back to my main urban fantasy reads. I was puttering around looking in my shelves....well - really I was limping around, trying to bend over enough to search for a book without throwing my back into another spasm, when I noticed Shotgun Sorceress by Lucy A. Snyder. Now this is the second in a series and I remember enjoying the first novel (Spellbent) very much despite the author's unfortunate habit of some major info-dumping RIGHT in the MIDDLE of some intense ACTION scenes. I remember wondering how in the hell this got past her beta readers or her editors...whatever. I'm not a writer or an editor - all I can relate to is the experience of reading a book, and I almost put the book down because of all the misplaced info-dumping. However, I kept reading and was pretty much blown away by the end of the book. So I bought the second book just because she wrote it, hoping for the best. Well, it's only been a day of reading off and on with the grandchildren in-house and I'm already halfway through it, so it's definitely keeping my interest. I only put it down long enough to become overcome with Cityville, ZombieLane, and the Sims Social...something or other. Can anyone say addictive personality? I think I may have a problem with some of these online games...gaming and buying/collecting books. God I wish I were independantly wealthy so that I could do nothing but shop for books, play on the internet and sleep!

Well, my back has taken enough of this sitting and typing, there are clothes in the dryer and I might even be getting a bit sleepy now, so here's another strangely funny LOLCat picture.


by the way - last week I didn't do very well with visiting other Monday blogs and making comments - I really meant to, but it was a bit of a rough week. I will make a point of visiting other posts. Even though I might not be so great at making the comments, I do enjoy very much many of the blogs that are out there. I try to follow the bloggers that are following me, but I may have missed some of them. Hope to be "seeing" you around the web, everyone!