Sunday, September 18, 2011

boiling skin

I have this thing going on with my hands...a bit of nerve damage from years of failed carpal tunnel surgery and related crap.

I'm cooking dinner - which for me on this night consists of putting some frozen ravioli into boiling oiled water when ...

my hand spasms

instead of gently dropping the raviolis into the pot of boiling water I end up literally SHAKING the bag vigorously causing the raviolis to

BELLY-FLOP with enthusiasm

into the pot of boiling oiled water.


of course some splashes onto my hand and onto my foot.

There is now a rather tender oddly smooth round patch of skin on my hand and the only thing that is helping is that due to my various afflictions I do have some areas of numbness - and some areas of less sensitized skin.

so it's just tender to the touch rather than the horrible burning throbbing that I remember from other cookin mishaps.

I say that cooking phase is over for me

wouldn't you agree?

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