Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Waiting On Wednesday, and a bit of Monday's Meme and a bit of ranting and raving - just a little bit

I love books, I love Kittens.....the combo - doesn't always work. But these type of pictures do!

As always, any LOL Cats pics I post are from the ICanHasCheezeburger site - or LOLCatz (same site) I joined the site, and I've come up with a whopping ONE caption, but I love the imagination that everyone has on that site. They are amazing and always good for a laugh.
I've totally missed the Monday and Tuesday Memes I usually participate in, though I've posted a late What are you reading further down on this post.
I can't believe it's already another week gone by - and time for a Waiting on Wednesday post. Waiting On Wednesday is hosted by Jill of Breaking the Spine (I love the name of her blog)I am actually waiting on quite a few books (I DO have a serious book acquiring addiction) . Here are three books that I'm yearning for, YEARNING! One isn't due until October - and can I just say here that I can not stand it when a book isn't out for months and yet people post things on Amazon as if they were writing a review, only it's not a review, Nope - it's just a lot of review entries that say things like "I can't wait for the book"; "Oh - it BETTER be good", "blahblah yaddayadda". - it's even worse when they actually RATE the books; as if the people actually think it's a good idea to give a writer who has worked very hard on their books a one star "review" that is really a complaint because the publisher isn't going to have it available right away on Kindle OR has over charged for it. Not the writers' fault people, quit bringing their average review rates down JUST so you can bitch about something in public instead of writing a letter to the publishers....WHOA! I didn't expect all that to come out, but since it did, it's a valid complaint. Guess I should go write a letter to someone now.....
Soooooo, AHem....
The following are the books that I'm Waiting on Wednesday-ing Aftermath, book five of Sirantha Jax series by Ann Aguirre, out August 30, 2011
Reckoning, final book of the Strange Angel's series by Lili St.Crow-due out Nov 1, 2011
Fate's Edge book Three of
The Edge Series by Ilona Andrews out Nov 29, 2011 (so LOOONNNGG) Oh Yeah! going bookshopping in.....a month or two. LOL NOW

Here is what I would have posted on Monday..... It's Monday, What Are You Reading is hosted by Sheila of Book Journey

I have been happily obsessed with SciFi and space travel, futuristic stuff. A friend sent me some books for my birthday, by Lois McMaster Bujold. Now the first cover is an omnibus version which contains the books represented here by their original covers. This series seems like a SciFi/Fantasy type mix. These are older, written before Steampunk became a word for book style and before Mash-ups were a term. But judging by the bit I've read so far and skimming a little bit, this series seems to be a mix up of fantasy and SciFi. The people have achieved space travel, and yet so far, it reads like a good old fashioned high fantasy, with spaceships. I haven't dived too deep into them yet - I expect to do that later today, but so far, that's the impression I get. This is going to be fun. I'm starting with Warrior's Apprentice. Though this is the third or fourth in the series, I don't think I'll be too confused. The bit I've read so far doesn't seem to be very confusing or leave me wondering what I'm missing. Looks like a pretty cool book - and there are three novels in between the covers here. She also sent another by the same author titled Brothers In Arms. I'm looking forward to diving into these novels. I did read one of Bujold's fantasy novels a few years ago, so I know her writing is good. I started Reading Magic Lost, Trouble Found by Lisa Shearin. I've had this book for over four years...actually since 2007. I don't know why I waited so long, but I have been known to hold on to books for quite a while. I finally started to read it, I've been enjoying it and then I misplaced it right when I'm just past the halfway point. Figures. Fortunately I have hundreds of other books here to choose from (they do not fit in my bookshelves anymore, it's time to start thinning out some books. I would offer them in a contest, but HARDLY ANYONE ENTERS MY CONTESTS). Luckily for my later self, I have recently bought the second book in the series....See - I have this book buying thing, almost an addiction (hell, it IS an addiction). Remember that I've had this novel for over five years, waiting for me to even start it, I didn't even know until this week if I was going to like it, and I ALREADY BOUGHT THE SEQUEL TO IT, Planning to also start buying third and fourth in the series, one at a time....ALL BECAUSE I LIKE THE TITLE TO THE TROUBLE WITH DEMONS (#3). This is NOT completely SANE, folks. Of course, I've never, ever tried to tell anyone that I AM completely sane. I wouldn't lie like that. (innocently smiles-work with me here, innocent smiles aren't easy when you're 51 years old, snicker, snicker) This book is floating around somewhere, waiting for me to read it again....just waiting for me. Either under the couch, in the fridge (did that once), behind a shelf, under the bed or even IN the bed (lot's of things end up in our bed.....I blame it on the grandchildren, but it's really me too! lol) maybe even in a cupboard or toybox.

I read Right Hand Magic by Nancy A. Collins. I was both entertained and just the teeniest bit disappointed. It was good, but from all the comments I had been hearing about her previous novels (vampire series with Sonja Blue or Sonya Blue), I expected something fantastical. There is a sequel titled Left Hand Magic (I wonder if the feet will be next, lol) which I'll probably buy, just for the world building - it's pretty cool.

I also finished the third in a series by Elizabeth Moon titled Engaging the Enemy. I enjoyed this one more than the previous two - and am kind of itching to get the next in the series. These were written around 10 years ago, and I'm not even sure how many are in this series. I know Moon also writes fantasy, and has another space/SciFi series out there, which I'm tempted to get also.
I finally actually reviewed some of the books I've been reading. Seems that I've been reading a few books and just forget to actually review them. Imagine that. Me forgetting something.

I finally reviewed...

BloodLands, Christine Cody

Ghellow Road, T.H.Waters (Intersting story based on true events)

I had my hair dyed, looked at my list of books read - got all excited because it looks like I've read (47!) then became calmer when I realized that I now put in the books that I'm currently reading (so I don't forget) and realized that there are at least five books I need to finish, bring my total down to 42 books. Oh well, that's still better than this time last year. Last year i finished around 55 books total by December 31st. If I continue read at least five books a month i'll bring the total up to 90 books, at least 90. I don't think I'll do that many though. for me, at my current rate of reading and watching t.v., and playing with grandchildren - I'll be lucky if I break 60 books.

But there's nothing like grandchildren.


My job starts back next week. I now have less than one week left of my precious summer vacation......on a positive note, I will get to interact with students again (which can be fun) and I will eventually have a paycheck coming in once more - money is always a positive. Unfortunately with the state of the schools lately, we haven't had raises in over five years. I know I'm lucky to even be working, but working for the same rate of pay for over five years, boils down to losing money after you factor in the cost of living rising every year. Most of the time I try not to think about it - especially when the top administrators make so much money, etc....... I might look this irritated.....I feel like this sometimes LOL - need to reign it in though for the poor little kinders and first graders. Second grade and up is fair game.....Mwhahahahahahahaha....Just kidding, I'm so sweet...coughcough.......they use my fingers to stir coffee with. :)


  1. Thanks...I like the name of it, too! :) So glad to have you as a WoW participant!

  2. LOL, you're silly :)

    The Vorkosigan books rock. It's kind of hard to know where to start with those, so I think you're starting in a good place (since I recommended it. lol) Once you read those first three and decide you like them (you will) I'd go back and read in the chronological order (there's a list in the back of the book). It's one of the few series where I think you can start a little out of order and not be confused. The Warrior's Apprentice can stand alone as a "first."
    love that series.

    Good luck with work! *hugs*