Saturday, June 18, 2011


There is a website dedicated to causing complete chaos and damage to internet users.

Their latest stunt is to hack into a few sites that use e-mail verifications, etc. to get not only your e-mail addresses, but also your passwords.

They have published a list of hundreds of e-mail address along with the passwords of these accounts.

Mind was one of them

Now, if you use your e-mail anywhere - ANYWHERE esle, then be aware that each site that you do so is now a possible victim...


your e-mail account




it's very important that you change your password and also to be sure that you do not use the same password on all your accounts.

I am fortunate that I have recently changed some of my passwords...

even so, there are around four accounts that I had the same password for.

I have been warned by Amazon.UK


and a complete stranger to double check my passwords and accounts.

some of the encouraged pranks at this website are...

signing you up for porn sites, then posting embarrassing related posts on your facebook/twitter

sending crude e-mails out under your name

using your infor to order anything (porn?expensive items?) from some of the sites that may have your credit card infor...

There is an infinite amount of damage possible from these idiots who think that they are just having fun, or doing a bit of social revolution.

Becareful, everyone and please

double check your e-maile, online stores, and social accounts.


  1. Eek! That's terrible, Mardel. Thanks for the warning. Hope it hasn't cost you anything :-(

  2. So far no...luckily Amazon always sends out confirmation e-mails when an order is placed. I think the only place I haven't checked is The Book Depository - doing that now. :)

  3. I dont know about the Macomober - it is kind of both a whole town and their interaction and sometimes love.