Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Teaser

Usually by late, late late Monday (early Tuesday) Miz B already has her Teaser Tuesday post up, and I'm able to link to it...but it's not up right now, so you get a link to her Tuesday Teaser Page...and hopefully I can leave a link later today on her post.
Teaser Tuesday is a meme that lets us...encourages us to tease each other mercilessly with the books that we are currently reading...but NO Spoilers...don't be a spoilsport. hahahahaha

Silver Rush by J.A. Campbell
from page 26
' Cass growled, jerking Tina out of her shock. She
looked at the dog, but didn't know what she was growling at.'

Jesse Petersen's Flip This Zombie
Page 16

"And then anger gave way to pure and simple job satisfaction. I mean, when I looked on a dead zombie head on a spike, I thought
, 'Hey, I did that. Picasso would be proud. Especially how I rearranged that eye.' "

Beth Hoffman
page 249

'She took hold of my hand and looked into my eyes. "It's what we believe about ourselves that determines how others see us." '


  1. The second one is funny. LOL But I've heard of any of them.

  2. My last two Tuesday teasers have been from CeeCee Honeycutt, a book I absolutely loved. Thanks for taking your teaser from it.
    Here's mine: Sandy's Teaser