Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Read To Me Picture Book Challenge

I don't know why this escaped my notice before - I frequently lurk on There's A Book blog - but for some reason this just didn't register with me.

Until tonight.

Full details can be found at Danielle's site, There's A Book. Basically, it's a challenge of reading and reviewing picture books. Either reading them on your own, or to a child.

I work in an k-8 library, and while I don't read to the 5-8th graders, I do read to the k-4th graders, so I go through a lot of picture books. I especially like reading the funny books.

I also have two grandchildren that I usually read to on the weekends, although the last two weekends, we didn't read very much. We need to get back in the rythym of reading, at least at bed time.

So with all this in mind, I am going to join this challenge, even though the year is pretty close to half over.

There are different levels, and though I think I read a lot, I'm going to go for the lower levels...cause the year is half over anyway *g*

My challenge will be "watering" - reading to a child (or children in my case) at least 36 books for the year (or the rest of the year. *g*)

I hope to post my first review tomorrow - This week I've already read:

Stanley's Wild Ride - Linda Bailey

A Case of the Stripes - David Shannon

Smelly Socks - Robert Munsch**

Get Out of Bed - Robert Munsch

More Pies - Robert Munsch

**Robert Munsch is like a contemporary Tall Tale Teller - he writes the most amazingly absurd stories for kids. They never fail to bring on the laughs, which is one of my favorite parts of reading aloud to children. :)

coming up for the 3rd and 4th graders - the continuing adventures of How To Train Your Dragon, by Cressida Cowell, quite a bit different from the movie. Cressida Cowell is an UK citizen, by the way, in case there's is a read UK challenge going on anywhere (haven't found any, myself this year)

and for my own grandchildren a pack of the Skippy Jon Jones books by Judith Schachner

In case you've never heard of Skippy Jon Jones, my puppy (now two) is a half chihuahua, half smooth fox terrior - and named after the book character of SkippyJon Jones (courtesy of my granddaughter) because the book character is a siamese cat who thinks like a chihuahua, even though his "mamalita" cat encourages him to think like a cat. When granddaughter was a year old, getting towards two, she helped me name my dog. It took a week to come up with a name for him, but this is the name that stuck. However, we don't always call him by his full name. Sometimes he's SkippyJon, sometimes he's Skippy and sometimes he's "asshole" - depending on what he's doing. He's mischievious. :)

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  1. A charming story...your pup sounds adorable! Agreed on the reading challenge, definitely should be a lot of fun....especially coming from Danielle's site. Definitely one of those book blogs on my "favorites" list. Happy reading...