Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why haven't I finished these? I don't really know

I went to Goodreads to update some of my books.
I found my currently reading list...
well-sadly out of date
(because I'm lazy, and disorganized)
I realized that there are some books that I've started that I never finished.
I have no idea why I haven't finished some of them.
That's not completely true
There's one or two that I do know why....
Some are anthologies - those I tend to read a bit out of for up to a year...
the anthology that I've come the closest to finishing in the least amount of time is Devon Monk's A Cup of Normal. I enjoy Devon Monk's style of writing.
Besides the other anthologies that I've listed as currently reading, there are some other novels that I haven't quite finished.

Neil Gaiman's American Gods. I like Neil Gaiman's writing. I started this, it's good...I just became distracted by other books. I am distracted easily. Very easily....Extremely easily

Shadow Blade by Seressia Glass

I won this book. I was happy to win it. I was excited to start reading it. I'm pretty sure it's going to be a good book....but I never could get past the second chapter...yet. I'll try again when I'm in the mood. I like the cover, I like the premise....

Sigh...Touched By An Alien by Gini Koch. When I bought it, I thought I was getting urban fantasy. What I got was a paranormal romance, with lots and lots of mentions of hawt people, and sexy, sexy ...yeah. Not quite what I wanted to read. There were also chapters and chapters of infomation passing in the guise of conversation, and LKH has burnt me out on that type of info-gathering. I'm sure it's an interesting book, the sequels look interesting...but frankly after reading through chapters of numerous mentions of hawt men and major flirting before anything happens...I found myself actually feeling frustrated...so I put it aside. When I feel the need for a light read with a ton of flirting, then maybe I'll try again. I should have paid attention to the title and the book cover. It says it all. But the opening page was killer! And Ms Koch is a humorous writer...it just isn't quite my taste in reading.

Tiger Eye by Marjorie M. Liu. I absolutely love Marjorie M. Liu's writing style....I did start this, enjoyed what I've read so far....I did make the mistake of putting it down, misplacing it somewhere, finding it again (but by then I was reading a couple books I had promised for review) and kept getting distracted again. I will go back to this pretty soon. Promise.

Bloody Good by Georgia Evans. I read about three chapters of this. They were fine. then of course came the BOOK DISTRACTION....THE B.A.D.D.
I forgot that I even owned this book.
I should re-try this one.
huge sigh here......
These are just the books that I noticed on my currently reading shelf at Goodreads. I haven't checked Shelfari, or The Library Thing lately...
and there are so many other books that I have started....and put aside

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