Tuesday, March 22, 2011


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Dark Space by Marianne De Pierres
page 389
'The edginess was his reward for still being alive. And the thing eating at him was the hunger for revenge. Payback. Vengeance. Retribution. Call it what you like. Jo-Jo was itching to kick fop arse.'

Tiger Eye by Marjorie M. Liu
page 81
' "I need to kill that man," Hari whispered, pleading.
"I know you do," Dela breathed, hating herself. "But if you kill him now, with so many witnesses, you will throw your life away." '

Black Wings by Christina Henry
page 19
'I didn't hate J.B. He irritated me like no other human being on earth could, however, so I considered it my duty to repay the favor.'

There you go - three teasers for the price of one
(yeah, that would be for free,*g* )
First day of spring....except I'm not sure if that was yesterday, or today. Whatever day it was, we finally had some sunshine even though it was cold. If we have sun tomorrow, I might even do more than get up in time to make dinner. lol
Seriously, I lazed around, relaxing and dozing until around fiveish
Later I though my husband was being a bit naggy, he kept mentioning dinner, finally asking if I wanted him to wash a special pan or anything....I realized then that it was already 6:47 p.m.
So I went ahead and made some tri-tip (drizzled in olive oil, baked and topped off with a bit of a broil)
white cheddar pasta shells with broccoli (the white cheddar sauce courtesy of a package)
chocolate pudding for dessert.
This doesn't happen often, folks - the cooking thing.
Only when I have more than one day off.
I sound spoiled, don't I?
for around 10 years, I worked two jobs to make ends meet.
I ended up with jacked up arms
My husband usually cooks now.
except on the rare days that I feel rested enough to cook.
then I have to recover for HOURS...lol


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