Tuesday, January 25, 2011

POC Reading Challenge - Just Do It!

Well - in all the business - (busyness?) and excitement of my life...I missed the 2011 POC reading challenge.

There are a few different levels, and because I'm not that great at challenges, I'm signing up for an easy level (level 2).

that doesn't mean I have to stay at that level; if I hit the goal, and we're still in 2011 then I'll keep going.

Go over to check out the challenge, this is one challenge that is not only interesting and fun, but it's very important, especially for those readers that aren't normally aware of any racial issues that are still going on.

It's also important to show support - and just think of all the books that we're not all being exposed to because we aren't aware of other writers that might happen to be of other races and all the different books we don't even know are out there.

Just looking at the other reviews and link are a great resource to expanded reading. I took part last year, and although I didn't do as well as I'd planned, it was fun trying.

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  1. I like this challenge and love checking out Miss Attitude's posts as I am always looking to bring my student more novel with people of color characters. Good reading!