Monday, January 3, 2011


In my usual slightly dysfunctional way, I have again stayed up waaaayyy too late, but did I do anything responsible? instructional? informative?
I re-arranged my farmville farm.
because I couldn't sleep
I couldn't concentrate on anything else
I couldn't focus on reading
(and here is a bit of a whine-session)
school, and therefore my job, is starting back up tomorrow and I'm
way too tired
way too exhausted
in way too much pain
to go back to work.
and so I stress about it, and have a hard time focusing on anything constructive...
this is the way I run my life...
However, despite everything I did have a fun day just being silly with the granddaughter.
We watched t.v., played on the computer and read a couple books.
A quiet, low key day.
We didn't even get out of our pajamas.
we enjoy those type of days...because we are lazy.
So - for the It's Monday (hosted by Sheila of Book Journey)

I didn't finish any books this week. NONE - not one.

I did continue reading Nocturne.
This is written by Syrie James and will be available in stores this week. It is a well written book, with a romance theme along with a suspenseful back-theme...if I'm making any sense. If you enjoy romance with an edge, and a bit of angst then you'll like this book. I plan to finish it tomorrow night - in fact I have pledged to myself NOT to even go on facebook tomorrow. The only thing I'm going to do tomorrow evening is get the Tuesday Tease post ready and read.

I also have a lot of books that I was able to buy with Christmas gift cards to pick the next book to read well as a slew of books that I've been collecting all year long....I need to get back into my reading rythym.

Maybe I should make that my one resolution of 2011. To get back into reading on a regular basis - make a pledge to devote every other day to reading, and the other every other days to the internet. sounds like a plan to me

I feel better already! :)
except that it's Monday. :(


  1. I had a slow reading week this week too. I have lots of stuff in progress but almost didn't finish anything.

  2. Heather - you're either up very early, or very late...or maybe you're on a different time zone. :)

    Me - I'm STILL awake. couldn't fall asleep, so I logged back on.

    I've started about 50 more books than I've read in the past few months. LOL for every book I've finished, I estimate that I start reading at least three (and that's a low end estimate). Imagine if I had read them all. I would have read over 150 books this year. I might have completed some more reading challenges. LOL

    Good luck on the reading this week.

  3. I had a reads reading week, but now that is going to end as I am back to work today. Rats! Wish I could retire to my books! Have a great week!

  4. I know what you mean. I really wish I could go on disability and just relax my body...and get some reading time in. I am soooo tiiiirrrred. I just keep plugging along day at a time..sometimes one hour at a time.

    I have to wait until I'm 67 years old to retire...and the government is thinking about raising the retirement age! Insane.

  5. OOH I have not had a "pajama day" in a long time.... I think I would like that! Enjoy your reads this week :)