Wednesday, December 1, 2010

voting for short stories, and recently acquired...

Hey Book Readers! have you read any of the Doc, the vampire hunting dog short stories yet? You can find them at Julie Campbell's website.

You can also vote for her story at
Devin O'Branagan's forum - where Julie is a FINALIST. It's so cool. go here to read and vote

Also, Devin O'Branagan is the author of Glory (which I've read) and the newly released Witch Hunt (which I hope to read soon), so while you're in the "area" check out the info on her novels.

Completely un-related to the above, My stepmommy sent via my father a few books for me to read. They are;

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger; I'm sure that everyone knows that this was made into a "major motion picture" - see? says so on the cover...just in case you didn't see all the movies trailers and mentions on t.v. about this book/movie. Oddly enough, I have never seen the movie...and I haven't yet read the book. Of course, now that I have it here, I'll be reading it in the next few months. It does seem like it would be interesting - I haven't even read the back of the book yet, but I do remember that it's something to do with a time traveler - and the movie trailers makes it seem like everytime he was with his wife, he would disappear in a time traveling haze...*g*. I'm sure there's more to it than that - but that's the impression I was left with. :)

The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri. I remember seeing this name before, but I can't remember for what. However, the book blurb seems very interesting - about a family from Calcutta immigrating to the United States and some of their trials and tribulations. I think I just oversimplified the plot, but soon I'll read the book. Anyway, according to the cover of my copy, The Namesake is also a major motion picture now. Only I haven't seen or heard of I googled it. Yep - it was made into a movie, released in 2006.
Thanks to my stepmommy**, Brenda - I now have two new books to read (well, new to me) that I probably wouldn't have picked up on my own. However, now that they are here - I'm definitely going to read them.
**My father and his Lady, are not really married - just like my son's aren't married, but I do refer to their girlfriends as "daughter-in-law" because they live together and it's less wordy than saying my son's girlfriend all he time. So, Daughter in law, and Stepmommy. I laugh when I call her this, because I'm 50 years old, she's about 11 years older than me and 11 years younger than my dad. Now when you think of stepchildren and stepmoms you don't picture grown-ass women as the stepchildren...Nope. On a related note, just to show that young children don't really notice color differences (other than a passing thought, or a matter-of-fact way-they usually learn the negative thought processes from their elders) stepmommy is AfricanAmerican and my father is caucasion. My granddaughter knows who my mom is...but when she talks about my stepmom, she always says to me "your mommy". When she's speaking to me about my mom, she refers to her as "your mom". I love the way children think.


  1. Suzanne thanks!!!

    Mardel thanks for the links.

    Let me know how you like Time Traveler's Wife. I saw the movie but have not read the book. I'll tell you what I thought after you read it.