Thursday, November 11, 2010

wonderful news

My friend, Ms Julie Campbell has just received an offer for an e-book publishing of her novel Arabian Dreams.

This is great, I'm very happy for her.

Hopefully soon, everyone will also be able to read more of her works.

Senior Bites, written by Julie also, is one of the books I reviewed recently.

I love the tone of her work, and now the public gets experience this writer's talent also.


Remember this name everyone...especially when you go e-book shopping

specializing in Young Adult fiction
Congratulations Julie!!!

Oh - and check out her latest book giveaway.


  1. I see I need to come over here more often. Thanks so much for the pimpin!!! You give me so much confidence... you have really helped keep me going over the past year. *hugs* (has it been more than a year? I don't know) Love the LOL cat too.

  2. XOXO - Hey Julie, your stories are great, and they need to be read by the masses. I always appreciate a good writer! :)