Monday, October 4, 2010

Tuesday Teaser

Teaser Tuesdays is hosted by Miz B at Should Be Reading.

This is my picture-less Teaser Tuesday post....although first:

Oh My GoodNess!!!!

I just finished reading I Shall Wear Midnight. Everytime a books comes out from Terry Pratchett, I worry that it's his last. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a couple years ago. He's still doing good - writing excellent books with intricate plots...This latest was just as good as all the others, if not better.

My Tuesday Teaser will be a line from his book, I Shall Wear Midnight and a line from a new book that is being released October 12.

First - I Shall Wear Midnight

from page 33:
' For a moment it rained bits of hay and whole Feegles.
The problem with getting angry at Nac Mac Feegles was that it was like getting angry at cardboard or the weather; it didn't make any difference. She had a go anyway, because by now it was sort of traditional.'

And from a type of book I don't normally read, but seems like it'll be a good book...
The Perfect Love Song written by Patti Callahan Henry

from page 1
' Jimmy Sullivan - God Bless his soul - wrote the perfect Christmas Song. Now, I'm not the only one who says this, so don't go thinking this is just my opinion. This was so perfect a song that it almost ruined him.'

How's that for a beginning paragraph? Now of course, I want to know how it almost ruined him.

No pictures today, I'm using a different screen than normal. Which means my file of pics/book covers is not available right now.
I haven't been able to comment much on other blogs, since it's hard to navigate the internet at the moment - my computer will just randomly freeze up. So I'm posting when I can, and getting more reading done. :)


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  2. Great teasers. I'm glad the author you love is doing well and hopefully he'll be able to share more of his great stories. Enjoy your week :)

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  4. He has Alzheimers?! Oh no! Now I'll worry too.

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  7. I didn't know that about Terry sad. He has such a distinctive voice. Love the teasers.

  8. I Shall Wear Midnight sounds like a funny and intriguing read.

    Thanks for visiting mine.