Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday - It's Monday again.

**I am having trouble with formatting while attempting to post - I keep getting highlighting when I want font color changes, the pictures are posting strangely, I can't move the pictures around without also moving around whole blocks of's driving me bananas, and I give up trying to fix it...:( I'm just going to post it hope it is readable!
 Once again Monday rolls around.  It doesn't stop - we probably don't really wish it would stop (because what that would really mean, is not very fun).  But what I wish, is that Mondays didn't mean having to go back to work.  On the other hand, it also means a fun little meme where we post our progress (or in my case a decided lack of progress) in our book reading, book reviewing, book buying, etc.  This is hosted by Sheila over at Book Journey, and is also a fun way to find new to you blogs (just click on one of the blogs listed in her Mr. Linky list

 I finally re-found and finished reading When Blood Calls by J.K. Beck.  I enjoyed this book.  Now I'm not normally a romance reader - but this particular romance or paranormal romance was good - it had a lot of story with a moderate amount of the heaving bosoms/omg "that man is so hot" type of content.  I find the books that are so heavily laden with "hawt" descriptions and references to extreme horniness, to be a little hard to handle (LOL - bad pun there).  When Blood Calls, thankfully, just had a bit of this going on - there was an HEA ending - for the romance and some very interesting characters to round out the whole experience.  I reviewed the book a couple nights ago.

 I received the Half-Made World for review very recently - I'm almost finished with it, and it's been an enjoyable read from the first page.  I've never heard of Frank Gilman before, and I'm glad to be reading work of his.  It's third person narrative, written from three main characters' point of view and is very interesting.  There are demons, strange gods, steampunkish settings, the world reminds me of books set in the Victorian age here, with many clockwork machinery and magic combined with the demons and western settings.  This one will be hard to review without giving away too much.

Jealousy (Strange Angels, #3)
I've also just started reading Jealousy, by Lili St. Crow.  I just love this series by her.  It's young adult, but other than younger characters, I don't get the feeling that I'm reading a young adult novel.  It's just as intense as an adult novel.  I also love the way St. Crow describes scenes - you get a very clear picture of what's happening - lockets bouncing while Dru is running, the hair changing appearance with the "aspects" coming on with mood changes, etc.  It drives some people nuts, but I enjoy it.  However, I don't think everyone can get away with this type of writing. 

I have also totally given up on the 2010 Countdown Reading Challenge - actually, it ended October 10th, 2010.  The challenge was to read books published in the years from 2001 to 2010 - reading the number of books corresponding with that year - for instance for 2001, read one book, 2004 read four books.  Well, when I feel like taking myself down a peg or two, I'll post about my lack of progress.  I guess the way I should be looking at this, is that I tried.  I tried, I failed, but I did get some books read that I probably wouldn't have picked up otherwise. Of course, the easiest years to read books from was 2010 and 2009.  I'm going to find out if there will be a 2011 countdown challenge - because I want to try again.  The total number of books for 2010 would have been 55 books.  for 2011 I think it would be 56 books.  I need to try.  Have to. Feel compelled to.

Coming Soon - review of A Perfect Love Song and Pegasus


the older I get the more I truly hate Mondays....


  1. Oh I can't wait to read Pegasus. I love McKinley's fantasies. Look forward to your review. Have a great week

  2. Jealousy looks good - I like the cover. Hope you have a fab week and that all your formatting "opportunities" go away. :)

    Have a super week!

  3. Hi there. Coming by from the Monday! post. I'm sorry to hear you don't like Mondays. I don't mind so much, but an extra day in the weekend wouldn't go amiss.

    It's a pity you didn't finish the challenge, but hey, if it was so easy, it wouldn't be a challenge! :-) Next year must be 11 books more than this year, but you'd have an extra month, I guess.

    Enjoy the week, have fun with your books!

  4. You're right leeswammes = I totally did the math wrong - for the 2011 challenge, it would be 66 books. I'm going to check it out and give it a try. I hope I can to better this year, at least get closer to the goal. I did read a lot, but couldn't seem to get enough books in that were from earlier years.

    My problem with Mondays would just extend itself to what ever day of the week followed the weekend! Haha - but I would love a three day weekend every week. That would be great. Of course, once I retire, all my days will be like a weekend and I'll probably waste away wishing I had something to do...(like reading more, surfing the internet, cuddling with my small dog...)