Monday, September 6, 2010

It's Monday Morning.....

I did a version of It's Monday reading post on Saturday night.

However, since the memes that I try to post regularly are It's Monday, What are you reading, and Tuesday Teasers, I'm doing this meme now. :)

It's Monday is hosted by Ms Sheila at Book Journey. It's a fun weekly meme where we list books we've read (or in my case, are finishing up), Books we want to read, and for most, books we've reviewed. I've been a little light in the reviewing department lately. :)

This whole, and I mean this WHOLE week has been all about one book.

The Enchantment Emporium by Tanya Huff

My reading has not been up to normal, not even my newer normal of only two books a week. When one is used to reading four or five books a week, one kind of gets a guilty feeling from not reading like one is "supposed" to.

Or maybe it's just being from an era of women who were born in the 1960's and growing up in the 60's/70's. It was a weird time.

Anyway, my reading has dropped to an all time low - but then the last two books that I've read have both been over 400 pages long.

I'm almost done with The Enchantment Emporium though. I've really been enjoying it. It makes me want to crack back open The Summoning (with a very entertaining cat character - has his own lines) by Tanya Huff - but I've promised to review When Blood Calls, and even though I know there are lots of other reviewers out there who have When Blood Calls to read and review, and they have way larger followers than I do, I did promise, and if you get a book because you promised to read and review, then that's what needs to be done- especially if there's a time factor.


Finishing up The Enchantment Emporium by Tanya Huff (great reading). I can never find an author website for Ms Huff, and I don't like linking to the big bookstores (I used to do this, for free back when I was ignorant about some of the ways that a certain huge online site were abusing GLBT rankings and messing around with listings, or rather Delisting authors and then giving lame excuses). If I can't find an author website, I give up - or link to wikipedia - or something. Usually. Unless I forget.
This time, I linked to - Ms Huff's page.

Next up is When Blood Calls by J.K. Beck - a first in a new series by Julie Kenner who is using a pen name for her Paranormal Romance series (The Shadow Keepers). When Blood Calls released August 31st. The second book - When Pleasure Rules will be released September 28th and the third in the series, When Wicked Craves will be out on October 26, 2010. One a month.

After that, I promised myself I would finish reading Glory by Devin O'Branagan, a book an online friend sent me for my b-day. I did start it, and I like it so far. There is a pandemic and people in black SUV's chasing a teen for her blood - there are also vampires and "others".

After that - I need to start The Replacement by Brenna Yanavoch - as I mentioned in my previous post, this one wasn't solicited by me, it was a mystery gift, but I love those. They're especially lovable when the book is in a genre that I enjoy.

Now, if I can just force myself to not succumb to me B.A.D.D. ( I do have books that I want to read badly waiting for me, and there's so many new - shiney new books coming out in the next month, in the next two months!!!), I'll feel like I'm getting something done.

I do have a problem though - I signed up for all these book reading challenges and I'm not doing very well with them - well, with any of them except the Speculative Fiction Reading Challenge. I've already surpassed my first goal, and now my second goal of reading Speculative Fiction. The next best is ...none. :(

I'm really failing at the 2010 Countdown Challenge, and the Colorful Reading Challenge.
I'll probably sign up for these again next year, but I'll work on the early years for the 2011 Countdown Challenge first. the Countdown challenge is kind of a strange set up anyway. There's a place to sign up, but no follow-up, no place to post progress, ..not like the other challengers that post their challenges. A lot of challengers have a page up for each month the challenge is going on for. I think this is great, because you feel like you're actually taking part in something. With the Countdown Challenge, all I end up doing is keeping track myself, on my sidebar, or on an extra page. Ah Well, Se La Vi.

Well, that's it for now. Another long-winded post about the book that I'm trying to finish reading, the books I hope (grand lofty plans) to read within the next few weeks, and a little extra.


  1. Keeping up with all the challenges is hard. I am not doing too well with the Library challenges, because I keep buying books instead, and I still have a ways to go in my POC challenge. The Enchanted Emporium looks well enchanting. I am interested to know what you think of The Replacements as that is one I would like to read. Hope you have a great week.

  2. I can't wait to read The Replacement :) It sounds really good

  3. The Replacement sounds really good

  4. This weekend, I've wasted time on farmville - I didn't play it for a few months and was able to get a lot more done!

  5. I like the way you did your post - almost in story form. Have a great week and enjoy the books! :)

  6. Sheila - LOL, thanks for the compliment. Sometimes I think I just get going on typing and - well - you all probably know way more about me than you want to. LOL

  7. That books looks great. I just reserved it at the library.