Saturday, August 14, 2010

review stealing or mistake?

I wonder what the heck is up with Amazon

I wrote this review of A Wild Light on 8/01/10

I wrote a shorter review on The Library Thing, GoodReads and Shelfari....And Amazon, B&N.

So what's my problem?

I just finished writing a review on another book. After you post the review on Amazon, you can click on your profile page to check it. I did, and noticed that there was a review missing - for A Wild Light. I thought I had posted. I PROMISED I would. I emailed the contact person for promotions when I posted it. I know I did I looked at all the reviews for A Wild Light....and I see a review by someone with the name "A Kid's Review" and damned if it doesn't sound familiar. The reviews that I post on Amazon, are usually shorter and more to the point versions of the reviews here....I kept thinking - this looks like someone took some of my ideas and complete phrases and put them in their review. So I looked at my reviews of A Wild Light on the other sites that I post...Word for Word - the very same review. Now, I'm getting pissed.
What the hell!?
I looked at a few other reviews, and notice not only did A Kid's Review have MY post on 8/01/10....but they have a completely different rating and review of A Wild Light posted on 8/09/10.
This is weird.
So either this person hijacked (somehow) my review and then 8 days later wrote ANOTHER review, changing their mind on the rating and how much they liked the books....
Amazon somehow put my review under their name.
Which is weird, because to write a review you have to be signed in with your email address AND your password.
Other wise, you can't post the review.
So, Amazon...What the hell happened?
I don't like this because I'm not getting credit for my review
It makes me look like a flake to the people I promise reviews to
a year ago, I had other reviews just NOT show up after I posted them.
of course, now I get to write an e-mail to amazon and wait for a reply...
Have I ever mentioned here, how much I abhor waiting?
I can't stand waiting for pages to load on the computer...
I definitely don't like being made to look like a flake who gets a book from someone, promises to review and then doesn't...


  1. ooooo, that is weird. So far all of mine have made it to my profile page. I will have to keep an eye on that however. Is your user name similar to someone elses?

  2. No - my user name there is Mardel-rabid reader. So far, I haven't received any responses from Amazon.