Monday, August 16, 2010

the mystery review

I have received an answer to the mystery of the Amazon review that was credited to another poster.
On Amazon, when you post you have to sign in of course.
That's when your user name comes into play.
Then when you go to create your own review, you have to note whether you are 18 or younger than 13.If you are younger than 13, your user name for reviews is "A Kid's Review".
Apparently I must have clicked the wrong button.
Amazon removed the review and I reposted my own review under my real user name.
all is well, except I still must look like flake.
I will, of course, be more careful in the future.
In the same memo to Amazon, I mentioned that I did have other times where my reviews just did not show up.
Those are still a mystery, but nothing to do now, but simply repost and check on my reviews a little more frequently.

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