Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Wonder of a Three Year Old

A lot of people realize that I am totally obsessed with my grandchildren. I do mention them quite a bit, because they are AMAZING of course, - but this happening, this thing I witnessed is just too cute not to post.

My granddaughter spends a few nights a week with us. Tonight we were having a bit of a late night, and I had told her that we could watch Caillou "On Demand" (a comcast thing) but then she HAD to go to bed. So we're sitting there watching this educational cartoon about a boy named Caillou. The episode, Caillou's Halloween was about Halloween and how Caillou is trying to find a Halloween costume. Caillou uses a lot of imagination to picture fun things...

While this is playing, I'm doing a bit of "lotioning". I've had very dry hands lately and I also need to keep my new tattoo soft. I've been using Palmer's Cocoa Butter - a very thick "butter" that smells wonderfully like chocolate (well, it's cocoa butter). It also works very well, smells yummy.

I'd just started putting some on my tattoo...
My Granddaughter is sitting very close to me, as she likes to do when watching TV
Calliou has just started imagining a candy tree...
My Granddaughter says with a very awed tone to her voice "I can smell the candy tree, Grandma! I can smell it!"
I looked at her in amazement...
Her eyes are wide, and she's leaning forward, trying to smell the TV better...
Then, with a smile, I put the jar of cocoa butter under her nose...
She sniffed, looked at me and laughed.
How Wonderful!


  1. :) I just love moments like that...

  2. God, I know. Sometimes I just don't know how I can contain it all - grandchildren. Sometimes it feels like I love them more than ANYbody! Isn't that awful? I joke with my kids that I love the grandchildren more than them.....but am I really joking? LOL

  3. Well, it is said that people have busy lives while raising their children and have a little time to spend with them. Grandchildren usually come while grandparents have settled and have time for fun :)

  4. I did have to work a lot while my kids were growing up. We weren't one of those families though, where everyone is busy every second of the day, going here and there, So I'm glad we kept it low key. I've spent years working, and a year here and there not working while they were growing up - so I got the best of both.

    I wish I could be retired now, (have to wait until I'm 67 - can you imagine?) but I'm glad to have summers off. It really makes a difference.