Monday, July 12, 2010

tuesday teaser and bonus...

It's one day past Monday - which must mean Teaser Tuesdays...but

Wait! before anything else, I'm thinking of using
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such as Icanhascheeseburgers, which is one of my favorite sites to look at cat pictures. It's just...zombie win.

And now, Teaser Tuesday is hosted by Miz B
over at Should be reading. You can check the site for guidelines.

I've been getting a bit panicked about reaching my 2010 Countdown Challenge goal (ends October 10, 2010) so of course, I'm having a hard time focusing on books written before 2009 - especially since I feel I should be reading them. On the other hand, there's a few reviews that I've promised to do (2010 books), and then there are other reading challenges (such as the POC challenge, the Typically British Challenge, and RYOB, etc) that in my fit of overdoing and mildly obsessive
way of signing up for WAY TOO MANY CHALLENGES, I really did sign up for way too many challenges. I've finished 1 challenge so far - maybe. I attempted to read 5 out of 5 books for a challenge, but unfortunately the 5th book I had to put aside, and the month ended. I consider it a reached goal, but officially it might not be. I just couldn't finish the book. The whole time I was trying to read it, I was thinking of other books I wanted to read and feeling huge sighs welling up in me. That means its' time to put a book aside. So I did. Kind of a shame, because I really thought I was going to like it.

I'm reading Darkness Calls by Marjorie M Liu for my POC challenge, even though it was published in 2009 and I have all my 2009 books read. Now that I'm reading it, I don't know why I ever waited to start it. I loved the first book (Iron Hunt). The character, Maxine Kiss is from Asian descent and during the day her body is covered with tattoos. At night, these tattoos come off her body and resume their shapes as demons - however they are not your evil demons. These guys are hungry for anything metal, and also love to eat other demons and baddies that are killing humans, or otherwise causing havoc. Maxine is from a long line of Hunters. She's supposed to stay aloof from other human contact, except to bear a daughter who will eventually take over her hunter lifestyle (which also happens to mean the end of Maxine's life - good reason for birth control, yes?)

from page 44:
"I punched him. He staggered to one knee, clutching his face. I bent close and, in a loud, sickly-sweet voice, said, 'Wow. Those migraines are really bothering you, huh?' "
The next book, that I've started is Jim C. Hines' Goblin Quest. (2005) It's from the pov of a little runty goblin, Jig, who has been abused - though the goblins abuse each other, it seems to be a way of life - his whole life. He's so small that even though he's not a child, he's been doing children's work, such as tending the fires for the goblin families. He's forced into going on patrol by some of the community goblins and gets caught by a group of adventurers (a prince, a wizard, a dwarf, and a hostage elf) that are on a quest. They force him to be a guide, even though he only really knows the way around his own section.

from page 85:
"Once everything was repacked, new oil poured into the lantern, a few last touches made to Darnak's map, and everyone had eaten enought to take the edge off their hunger, they proceeded to sit around for another hour while Ryslind meditated. The life of an adventurer appeared to consist of roughly six parts boredom to one part stark terror, or so it seemed to Jig."

Just for fun:

My future DIL found this site while cruising the 'net. She thought I would like it. It's My Cat Is a Jerk. Each post is a numbered "My cat is a jerk reason number __" My Future DIL was right. It's a funny site. I wish I had thought of something like that! Really I'm just jealous of her creativity regarding her cat. Funny stuff!


  1. Ok you crack me up with your vampr cats :)

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    Great Teasers!

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