Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Teaser

Teaser Tuesday, or Tuesday Teaser, is hosted by Miz B over at Should Be Reading. You can see the official guidelines there, but the main thing is to link back, name the book and page number and provide two sentences to Tease readers. No spoilers!

THREE (!) - - 3 Tuesday Teasers today.
Just because.

In Alphabetical order....

From Moonshine by Alaya Johnson
about a "do-gooder" in 1920's Manhatten with vampires....(just re-located my missing copy)
page 175
..."Will you stop it?" I hollered, cupping my hands around my mouth. "This is not the bleeding O.K.Corral! It's Ludlow Street, and I'd like to go to work without getting shot!"
(character is leaning out the window, by the way)


From Spin State by Chris Moriarty
Note - I previously thought this was a male author, it's a female. I mention this because I might have used "he" in my earlier post about this book.
Since I'm just now starting this book, I'm teasing with the first few sentences:
page 3
They cold-shipped her out, flash-frozen, body still bruised from last-minute upgrades.
Later she remembered only pieces of the raid. The touch of a hand. The crack of rifle fire. A face flashing bright as a fish's rise in dark water. And what she did remember she couldn't talk about, or the psychtechs would know she'd been hacking her own memory.
(deliciously, scientifically creepy!)


From Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane
(whoooooohooooooo) ;)
page 23
"You one crazy dame," he said. "The speed crazy you up, don't it? Nobody's gonna kill you here. Bump need you. No other witches he got something on, aye? He needs you right."
From a conversation between Chess (main character) and Terrible - the druglord's enforcer.


All three proving to be good novels so far.



  1. Great Teaser

    1) That is my goal everyday to not get shot going to work LOL

    2) YIKES!

    3) Ok, that looks like a fantastic read!

    Here is mine

  2. On number 2 - Yikes is right! That was from the first page too. Hope it stays that intense!